It’s all a matter of place

and someone to share it with. I’m talking about sports here. The first 44 years of my life I lived in NYC and I was a rabid sports fan – New York teams only of course. I had plenty of people to watch games with and share the triumphs and tragedies of the hometown teams.

I remember being a little girl, planting myself in front of the tv, thumb firmly in mouth, attention totally riveted on Mickey Mantle.

A little older and it was Y.A. Tittle; older yet and it was Dave Debusschere, Eddie Giacomin, Earl ‘the Pearl’ Monroe. L.T. Taylor – mixing up their sports here but y’all probably don’t know who I am talking about anyway.

Teeny tiny soft sport for the Larry Bird era Celtics, I have to be honest here.  But mostly it was New York teams, all the way, all the time. And I always had someone to watch with, either at home or the arena/ballpark. I always had someone to argue and cheer with.

Once I left New York, and married a non-sports interested person my interest waned rather quickly.  Nowadays I can’t even remember which sport is in season.

My husband watches football every Sunday – why I have no idea. He often watches with the sound off. When I ask him who’s winning or even  which teams are playing, he replies ‘I don’t know”.  He doesn’t care he says. He just likes to watch football he says. He has, in his boredom, taken up watching soccer too.

I guess it was just the time, place and companionship. Perhaps some things are just meant to be shared.

2 thoughts on “It’s all a matter of place

  1. I could never get in to watching sports. Both Wade and my ex husband watched sports various sports and I tried to watch with them but I just could not get into it at all.

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