Ye Gads!

GAD is Generalized Anxiety Disorder. It was my diagnosis way back when I first entered therapy. Well it was the only time I was diagnosed because it was the only time I was in therapy – probably 1982, maybe 1983. It’s actually a catch-all diagnosis tho there are levels – fun times around the water cooler comparing one’s level of GAD.

GAD is my general state of being. I would deem it normal, for me. While panic attacks would jump GAD into another diagnostic category my experience of panic attacks waxes and wanes. They used to happen for no apparent reason at all – which is the definition of a panic attack, it has no stressor whereas an anxiety attack does. (Difference between panic attack and anxiety attack) Which makes me wonder what to call the “attacks” I do have when there is a stressor but they are far more intense than a mere anxiety attack.

Anyway –

I woke up this morning feeling edgy and anxious. Add to that being somewhat out of sorts (Quick to the store – Get more sorts!) I have the overwhelming and oppressive feeling that something is about to happen and not in a good way. I hate this feeling – it’s not just mental, it’s physical.

So – I guess I’ll just wait to see how it plays out; something out of the ordinary going to happen? Will it be good or bad? Or am I just having a bad day, amongst many bad days, and it’s all just a symptom of – GAD!

9 thoughts on “Ye Gads!

  1. I too had that diagnosis put on me. When I feel anxiety about something good or bad about to happen, I take note of it and wait. Days or sometimes longer when something happens, I can trace it back to that feeling I had previously. I see it as a spiritual warning or premonition of sorts. So I learn to accept them as warnings; good or bad.

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  2. I’ve heard the expression Ye Gads but never heard of GAD. Then again, there are a lot of things I’ve never heard of. I never even realized there was a difference between a panic attac and an anxiety attack. Sometimes I feel so clueless.

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    1. Until I looked up GAD to get a definition/link to post I didn’t realize there was a difference between the two either – When I am in very stressful situations I have ‘attacks’ that have landed me in the ER – way more extreme than an anxiety or even a panic attack – but there is a ‘stressor’ – anxiety attacks come out of the blue – and are just a bit of jerky feeling anxiety – so I’m wondering about the definitions…


  3. I giggled at the going to the store for more sorts! It was unexpected so struck me as funny! Anyway, I’ve had those feelings that something bad was going to happen and I hate them. It’s such a strong feeling and although nothing that bad happens, it creates such anxiety that that’s bad enough! I hope whatever is causing you to feel that way passes with no negative consequences.

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    1. Ah, that was kinda the point – a giggle in the midst of serious. I’m glad you got it! I guess it’s the anxiety that creates the feeling, or things are going well so – waiting for something bad to happen, you know what I mean?


  4. They…. whoever “they” are….. know more about ailments now than they used to. I remember when I was a little girl… my Dad would get attacks of some sort or another. They were terrible and always struck in the same way: he would wake up in the middle of the night and “see” the walls closing in on him. He would HAVE to get outside immediately. He’d be short of breath, sweating, nervous, it was awful to see. Mom would call our family doctor and old Doc Phillips would meet Dad in the emergency room parking lot and give him a hypodermic of Valium or something, to calm him. Dad couldn’t even walk into the hospital building! Dad would get home, usually sometime close to dawn, and rest for a very short while before having to get up to go to work. I honestly don’t know how he did it. Dad died at 69 years old and I’m surprised he lasted that long. He was my best friend. Even at 62 years old myself now, I still miss him something fierce and haven’t seen his face for over 31 years. I hope the “feeling” you’re having is due to GAD, Grace, and nothing more. I wonder if medical science has now decided to give a name to a woman’s intuition?! Lovingly, Andrea xoxo

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    1. My experience with anxiety attacks and panic attacks go against the general descriptions , so who knows. I don’t give credence to ‘woman’s intuition’ per se – intuition is intuition, I don’t believe it has a gender.


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