Watching your life play out in the funny pages.

A running gag lately in the comic strip ‘Pickles’ has been that the characters house is bugged and their lives are being used for comic strip fodder. I’ve often made that observation about the “Pickles” comic strip. There are days when a conversation between Opal and Earl is a word-for-word recount of a conversation my husband and I have had.

The other comic strip that I relate to is “Agnes”. I have saved numerous strips because the sentiments/thoughts/observations are echoes of mine.

Today’s ‘Pickles’ is cat related. It is absolutely true as far as my home is concerned and it is a choice I have had to make – plants and flowers vs. cats –


And then there is ‘Agnes’ – For those of you who haven’t reached that age yet, let me assure you it is too true –

8 thoughts on “Watching your life play out in the funny pages.

  1. I don’t find the funnies funny anymore. I actually quit reading them. Every now and again I will look up Pearls before Swine, but even that is iffy for me. I wonder why I don’t find them funny anymore??

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    1. I manage a chuckle or two every day – “Pearls Before Swine” is a groaner rather than a laugher, hoo-boy does that guy have a way with twisting the language. And ‘Pickles’ – well, Pickles, has me worried about the whole spying thing.


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