The day couldn’t decide what to be

early on it was rainy and dreary and cold, by Noon it was warmer, and sunny so I decided it was a good day for a walk. I took my ‘big’ camera and I played with the settings as I went along.

A magnolia shrub! Blooming! Strange…
Some kind of chrysanthemum  that looks like a daisy. And there is even a bee which I didn’t see until I downloaded the photos.
Haven’t a clue what this is but one corner property has this stuff growing rampant. There were bees here too.
Batch of mushrooms – Everyone seems to have weird looking mushrooms growing on their lawns – Could be the extremely wet weather – who knows!
And the sky WAS just this blue. This is the tippy top of the magnolia tree in front of my building. I never saw this bloom. The tree is over 8 stories high (or does is that ‘tall’?)

6 thoughts on “The day couldn’t decide what to be

    1. The sky was an incredible blue, no editing needed. I wouldn’t know an aster from an asterisk! They are growing wildly all around the sidewalk, you have to practically hack your way through to cross the street.


  1. Wow! You still have blossoms?? We’ve had a few frosts here and things are not looking so flowery anymore. That’s okay…the trees are turning and there is color everywhere! We are heading out on the road this weekend and hoping to find fall in full bloom along the way. Can’t wait!

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    1. Summer just ended here last week! Leaves change color due to the changes in the amount of sunlight, and even tho it has been raining non-stop the message hasn’t gotten through to the trees around here – we are still lush and green. I was surprised at that little magnolia bush – they usually bloom in the very early Spring, so I don’t know what’s going on with that.


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