I need to get that birthday post moved

but I don’t really have much to say today. Yesterday was glorious, weather-wise. Today it is much (much!) cooler but the sun is shining to beat the band so it’s all good.

Friday we will pop over to the showroom of the company that just did our kitchen to pick out tile and whatever, so they can come back and re-do our quote/unquote master bathroom. We are hemorrhaging money here but what must be done, must be done. The bathroom was probably more important than the kitchen, for safety reasons.

We are old and wobbly, we need a safe bathroom. The hall bathroom has a stall shower that is just barely 3 feet wide – you would think that would be relatively safe because there is actually nowhere to fall but you would be wrong. I don’t use that shower because a.) I am claustrophobic and that shower actually give me the creeps and makes me anxious and b.) it is so small I can’t bend over to wash my feet or shave my legs and c.) the shower head is so high that the water just pours down directly on top of my head, no matter how I adjust the shower head, and I feel like I’m drowning.

The bathtub/shower combo in the master bath is fine as far as it goes except – 55 year old bath tub, with coating worn away and some moron painted it and the first time I put a bathmat in the tub it pulled up the paint…I swear – what cheap-ass jerk paints a worn out bathtub?

Plus climbing in and out of a bathtub is a bit of a trial. I have a grab-on thingy clamped to the side of the tub and that helps getting in and out but I have had tippy problems maintaining balance in the tub – so grab bars are really needed.

Yeah, you know that’s pretty much our lives these days – trying to make our home safe to live in –

Getting old is NOT for sissies

4 thoughts on “I need to get that birthday post moved

  1. Yes, getting old is definitely not for sissies, Grace…. but it sounds like you folks are doing the right thing as far as handling “getting old” & being safe. We’re in the exact same boat…. and I wish we had a money tree or two in the backyard! :-/ xoxo

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