I think I’m tired

of this whole blogging thing. It used to be fun. It used to be more of a community. We used to have have actual dialogues, conversations. We developed friendships that have lasted years, nay even decades. Now? Not so much.

Switching from blogger to wordpress hasn’t been much of an improvement. There are technical things I can’t figure out, like how to make photographs biggify when they are clicked on.

There are some great photography blogs here on WP but I haven’t quite stumbled over any ‘word’ blogs that hold my interest on a regular basis.

But then this isn’t the most scintillating blog either. I’ve never had a theme, my blogs have always been personal, more talking to myself than anything else. I have, on occasion, written some good stuff – thoughtful, philosophical, wise even. But not often. I have on occasion written some very funny stuff – but not often, I don’t write funny. I talk funny, I don’t write funny.

I started blogging back in 2005 – when I was stuck at home a lot because of my newly acquired disability. It was a way to connect with other people, now there are few people I want to connect with. Folks I interacted with electronically have moved on – some to the grave, some to – well, whatever things they now do to occupy their spare time.

Maybe I’ll let this blog die a natural death and just keep my writing in a private blog I have where I get to write my truths – the things I need to write down so I can see them for what they really are; for who I really am, and have been. Maybe that’s something you do when you get old(er). Oh, wait that’s something I’ve been doing since I could hold a pencil. Ah…

14 thoughts on “I think I’m tired

    1. That is so sweet of you. I just moved the photos to a blogger blog where they automatically biggify when you click on them. I’ll won’t be posting any ‘good’ photos on this blog so it doesn’t matter all that much. The link to the blogger photo blog is up there on the menu. Nothing new to be honest. But thank you SO MUCH for that offer. I am touched.

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    1. Good grief RIchard Do Not Apologize! Your health comes first Above Everything Else!!!! 💜💜💜(and I was only kidding when I wrote that comment about your not seeing my new kitchen photos – trying for a light moment.) Huge {{huggiez}}

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      1. If you do want to on WordPress then you go to gracesaint.com/wp-admin then on the side bar you can hover over posts, click on new post. Write your post and click on add media, upload your photo, and then on the right hand side it gives you the option for thumbnail, small, medium, large, and there’s also a bar that says link to. In that bar click on link to media. Then publish. People can then click on the photo for the full size image.

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        1. Aha! That works. I’d never seen those choices before because I use the ‘new improved’ editor and you don’t have those options. Yes! I deleted the WP photo blog and put it over on blogger because, hey, no one really looks at it – it’s a vanity project LOL Just for me and one other person who is in love with my orange cat LOL

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    1. I don’t have a real life – my life is whatever I can pull out of the internet. Someone suggested I move, oh yeah, sure as soon as someone drops half a million dollars in my bank account, I most definitely will LOL


  1. I’ve noticed that people have been disappearing and I have fewer and fewer blog friends. I know that some have given up the blogging for facebook which I don’t think I could do. I just don’t enjoy facebook all that much. I suppose once the last of my few remaining blog friends move on I’ll be talking to myself but that’s ok, I do that at home too.
    My blog has pretty much always been a mixture of topics. I tried to stick to a theme and I just couldn’t do it.

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    1. I don’t understand how FB can substitute for blogging, unless of course your blog consisted of vacation photos, cute animal pics, and basically nothing of substance…I prefer some substance, something real and personal.


  2. I agree. Some of my favorite bloggers are either not posting any longer or they just do it sporadically. I really miss the old days with tons of bloggers of all types and persuasions. I miss that! I hate FB and I certainly have stopped posting anything personal on there. Plus, it has become very political and hateful and I have actually blocked some of my old blogging friends because of that. It’s just not the same as blogging.

    I will probably keep blogging for a bit…mostly for me as a “diary” sort of thing. But, I don’t have as many stories to tell anymore. Or maybe I have just lost the drive after 10 years. I hope you do the same as I really like to read your posts.


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