Well hot damn!

In my last post I bitched about not being able to post photos that would biggify when clicked as they do in Blogger. And Richard, a real photographer, was nice enough to let me know how to do that. The problem for me was I was using the new improved WP editor which doesn’t give you the options for photographs that the old editor does.

I had already deleted my WP photo blog and made a new blogger blog for photos but now I don’t have to put my photos in a special place. I can annoy you with them right here! I am so psyched. With that in mind, here are some kitty pics…

While my husband was vacuuming this morning Miss Frankie Lulu Belle was hiding out in my office. I thought I would distract her by playing some bird videos…

click to biggify

If you remember, last Spring when Frankie had dental surgery her right eye got infected, but while the infection cleared up her right eye never returned to normal and you can see it in this picture

click to biggify

BB, the big orange boy, came into the room, wondering what all that noise was (I had the volume turned up on the bird videos), Miss Frankie just gave him a look, and he went away MOL

click to biggify

10 thoughts on “Well hot damn!

  1. Lovely pictures, Grace… but maybe next time you chat with MrRealPhotographer, you could ask him how to reduce the bigness of the pics when you click on them? I love to see biggyfied pictures but they’re huge and will not load on my ancient computer with the slower-than-molasses connection. Of course it’s my problem and not yours but…. I thought I would ask. Been up all night battling insomnia but signing off with xoxo anyway~ Andrea

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    1. The uploaded photos are actually re-sized down from the original photos, they appear on the blog itself in a further down-size – medium. I can have them post on the blog larger so clicking to see them bigger won’t be necessary – but when clicked, the uploaded size is what you will get. I understand about the slowness. If I upload at the original size even my fast computer takes a while – and that also has to do with this web site…So – I will have the photos show up ‘large’ on the blog – which should be big enough for most people. Sharla is the one who likes to see BB as big and detailed as possible. One of these days I’m just going to ship that boy out to her.


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