Saving Grace

Last night we watched the final episode of “Saving Grace”, the best television show that ever aired. This was the fourth time we have watched this series – the fourth! The first time when it aired originally on TNT and the next 3 times on various streaming services. Currently it is available on Hulu.

This show haunts me, and it has been haunting my dreams for the past few nights (we usually watch one episode a night, the show was on for only 3 years.)

What is it about – short answer, from IMDB, “An angel offers a jaded Oklahoma City police detective the chance to redeem her life.”  Oh but make no mistake this is no ‘angel’ show like all those other feel-good, sappy, bull-shit angel tv shows. Oh no, my pretties!

This is a show about love – in all its many guises, configurations, permutations. It is about love of friends, family, romantic love. Love of righteousness, duty, responsibility and ultimately, love of god, however you may define that word.

It is not an easy show to watch – these are complicated people with complicated lives, past and present. Yet every character is likable and relatable. There is no one here to dislike, no character who will get on your nerves with their annoying stupidity and cluelessness (okay, maybe Grace’s mother and sister just a bit. But the sister comes along and the mother is a very minor character so we can discount them.)

This is NOT a family show – there is sex (a lot of it), nudity (a lot of it), profanity (a lot of it), some violence (it is a cop show at it’s very basic level).

And there is a Last Chance Angel, named Earl.  Earl is probably not what you think of when you think of an angel, but after watching this show, your expectations may change. Earl does not have all the answers, Earl has questions of his own but if you ever wanted an angel, Earl is the one you want.

Whether you have no Faith, a simple Faith or follow a traditional organized religion Faith – this show will touch you, will make you think and most importantly, feel.


8 thoughts on “Saving Grace

  1. Ï have never seen the show bug I recall seeing preview for it . I always thought fro the previews that it looked like a good show but it came on later than I stayed up and I’ve never been bib on recording shows

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    1. It was on from 2007 – 2010 – Didn’t think it was that long ago. It is a great show, or else why we would have watched it 4 times LOL But I also recognize that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Holly Hunter is fabulous in it and was nominated several times for an Emmy for the show and never won. She is just a fabulous actor and I’ve been a fan for like – forever.


  2. I don’t like to watch sex & nudity. I mean it really REALLY annoys me!! Some stuff is better left in the privacy of bedrooms (or wherever)… at least in my opinion. So this show sounds like I wouldn’t like it in the least. But I enjoyed reading your review & description, totally!! Hubby and I are currently re-watching the 1960s show “Dark Shadows” with our Amazon Fire thingy for the tv. We watch 4-5 episodes a day. That Barnabas Collins is still kind of a sexy chap!! 😀 Enjoy watching “Saving Grace”~ Andrea

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    1. And that’s why I put that caveat in there. It’s an integral part of the story but when some folks see the word ‘angel’ they might think that it would be family friendly and it isn’t. (We use a Roku box – have for years now. We dropped cable tv and just watch streaming – Hulu Live, Acorn, Netflix, BritBox and we have Amazon Prime, so we watch some shows from there as well.)


      1. I think we could drop cable very easily too. We have as cheap a plan as they come…. we don’t even qualify to receive pay-per-view. *HA* It’s basically broadcast tv with a few others thrown in (CNN, etc.). But I’m one of those weird folks who likes to flip on the news if some emergency is happening & keep up-to-date on it (as if I can do anything about it…. *pfffft*). That’s the only reason we’ve got cable. I’ve heard a lot about the Roku box and also Netflix too. My son has Netflix but told me long ago “Mom, you wouldn’t like the shows on there”, so we never looked into getting it. Yes, Amazon Prime is what we have too and it suits our needs perfectly. I think watching YouTube is my favorite thing by far.


        1. We have Hulu Live so my husband can watch the news in real time. We’ve had streaming for so long now that I can’t abide watching anything with commercials. When we did have cable tv we recorded all the shows we liked on commercial tv and then just fast forwarded through the commercials but there were/are so few of them it just wasn’t worth the money and aggravation for us. I can’t imagine what there is on youtube too watch – I only go there for music videos…


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