Is it crazy to love these damn cats so much?

Got up this morning, wandered into the living room and saw this…

you can probably click to biggify

Now they don’t often share space, but they both really like the new sofa, and their blankies and obviously BB is the one member of the family who approves of throw pillows. I love these damn cats – so much.

16 thoughts on “Is it crazy to love these damn cats so much?

  1. Aw….so sweet! It’s getting colder, maybe they are searching out body heat.

    My two are testing the waters on our new furniture. Every time I turn around, they are plopped on a chair or the new couch. This is interesting as they were NEVER allowed on the living room furniture previously. I guess they think the rules went out with the old furniture?? Yeah/no.

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    1. That’s one reason we always had leather furniture – cat hair! These outdoor furniture cushions are pretty darn easy to de-fur. All the years I have lived with animals of various kinds I never banned them from the furniture…


  2. They are so precious! BB’s head on that pillow makes me squee! He’s so adorable! Miss Frankie is curled up pretty tight on her pretty blanket. I love your kitties too!

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  3. No, it’s not the least bit crazy to me, for you to love these cats so much. I love them now too & I’ve only seen a picture! But who am I to talk… I had a “pet” spider outside, that had been hanging around the garage door for months. One morning last week I didn’t see him anymore… the morning after it got *really* cold during the night. I haven’t seen him since and I’m heartbroken. So…. crazy is as crazy does, I guess. 😀 😀

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  4. Grace, I never want to see you say that again: “they’re just cats”–cats are the best! I just spent an hour and a half with my darling ginger boy in my lap. I don’t always have that time to spare, but I have a cold just now and needed to rest. Your two look so adorable sharing the sofa! ~ Jean

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    1. The big orange cat is BB, the striped tabby is Miss Frankie Lulu Belle and I love her so much it makes my heart hurt! (Aww, a cold? So soon into the cold season – hope you feel better sooner.)(And basically they hate each other, or rather Miss Frankie hates BB…)


    1. Isn’t he just adorable with his head on the pillow? Yeah tho do seem to like the new sofa – a lot, and then of course – blankies! Normally, they can’t stand to even be in the same room together.


  5. It would be crazy if you didn’t love them so much. They look extremely comfy on the new couch and I imagine they are quite pleased that you purchased it for them 🙂

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