Miscellaneous Mishegoss #657.38

You would think that there comes a point in your life when you can sleep as long as you like, get up and out of bed whenever. And you would be wrong. I got up at 9:30am, seems like I had a sleep-in, well rested, and again you would be wrong since I didn’t get to sleep until like 4:45am. And no, it wasn’t my brain in overdrive, it was my husband’s snoring, snorting, mouth-breathing in overdrive.

I’ve had a running battle with American Standard for close to a year now. Trying to replace a top-mount, slow close toilet seat. American Standard’s parts department/customer service sucks! Plus they no longer manufacture a replacement toilet seat for the style of commode I have (skirted trapway), yet they still sell that commode and the toilet seats are total, dare I say it, crap. I purchased their recommendation and it came with no instructions and didn’t fit, so I had to eat the cost of the return. Now a slow close, top-mount toilet seat just pops on (and off) 2 prongs in the base of the commode. Except that the prongs on the commode I have were closer together than the holes they pop into the replacement toilet seat. Here’s the thing – there is a way to adjust the distance on the prongs but since there were no instructions included with the replacement toilet seat I didn’t know that.

I bought a toilet seat from another company, much better quality than the American Standard BTW, and it came with instructions but I also needed a top-mount kit since the prongs on the American Standard mount were larger than the holes on the non-American Standard seat. The new seat came with instructions! Okay so it took me a while to remove the old top-mount hardware, install the new top-mount hardware and it took me a while to get the prongs exactly 5.5 inches apart but I did it! Just call me Miss Handyman.

If you have cats then you can’t have plants or flowers in a vase. At least I’ve never been able to because my cats would jump up on any table I had said plants/flowers on and eat them. We were in Trader Joe’s on Friday and I saw these little mini-potted plants and I did so want one. I figured since it was so tiny I could put it on the china closet edge, or maybe on the kitchen counter. Not optimum placing for being able to see it all the time but maybe, just maybe…At $1.99 I could afford to either have the cats trash it or, since I have a black thumb, enjoy it for a week or so until it dies. I bought a mini mum plant for our concierge and that little beauty on the left for me. I have no idea what it is but it makes me smile and that’s all I need to know.

Well it seems because it is so small the cats don’t seem to have noticed it in the middle of the dining table. Too small to be seen from the floor? Who knows. Besides Miss Frankie is the only one who ever gets on the dining table, BB being too big and fat to jump from the floor to a chair to the table top. I may get to keep this little bit of sunshine. If it manages to stay alive until our next trip to TJ’s, I may even buy myself another.

O happy day!

8 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Mishegoss #657.38

  1. I’m part of the go to bed when I want, sleep as long as I like crowd these days. And there’s no one snoring here to keep me awake, thank goodness.
    Your little plant looks like a Kalanchoe, there are many different varieties and sizes, colour range is good too. Don’t overwater and it should live a long time. It may eventually need re-potting.

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    1. One of the great pleasure of living alone is living the way you want. I lived alone for so many years, I’m just not meant to be sharing living space with another person. I looked up kalanchoe – it’s a succulent, or for those of us who know nothing about plants, a cactus!


  2. Who would think it would be so hard to simply have a new seat on the loo. It should be against the law for toilet seats to be difficult to swap out. I know exactly what you mean about not being able to have plants. I could never have any plants with Mistletoe around either. Since he’s gone now I brought the one lone plant I have down off the top of the refrigerator and put it in my sunny front window. I’m enjoying it there. Be sure to check on your plant’s possible toxicity in case one of the kitties does munch on it. I know some plants (African Violets and Poinsettias are just two) are poisonous to animals. But I do love that sweet little plant too. A little bit of cheer! xoxo

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    1. That’s what I get for buying a fancy-schmancy toilet! But now that I know how to change the seat it’s all good but what a PITA it has been – simple instructions from American Standard would have made this all easier and happen sooner! The plant is some sort of cactus so I think that’s all good – I am very fond of lilies and I know those are certain death for cats – not that I would ever be growing them indoors LOL But I do love them in a bouquet, especially calla lilies.


  3. Glad you got the toilet seat issue fixed! That was way harder than it should’ve been but thankfully it’s resolved. The plant is cheery! Any plant that I’ve had has been way up high to stay away from the cats. I have one on the mantel that is really long so it hangs down a little and I’ve discovered that when Lexi gets on the fireplace, she can reach it if she stands on her back legs. So far she hasn’t realized this herself but it’s only a matter of time. As for the not being able to sleep because of snoring, that would drive me bonkers! I can handle white noise but sounds that aren’t steady like snoring, nope. I wish you were able to get better sleep but I can understand the problem.

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