Life sucks then you die

So do you interpret that as a negative? Or that a person who espouses that philosophy as being a negative depressed person? And if you do – why?

Whenever I say that, and I get a response of “I used to feel that way but then I learned to appreciate the beauty of the world etc” I shake my head and laugh – out loud laugh. (And there is nothing I like better than a good laugh – even more than jelly donuts, which, actually, only make me smile.) Because what makes you think I don’t?

(Or am I misinterpreting that remark? Perhaps it is not intended for me at all, it is not a passing comment on my outlook. Do I protest too much? Perhaps I just feel misunderstood? And why should it matter if I am? Neurosis, they name is Grace.)

There is joy and pleasure and beauty in life. Absolutely. All I have to do is look out my window, watch my cats, read a great poem, spend an hour (or two) cleaning my home and then stepping back and admiring the fruits of my labor. So much day to day stuff that just makes me smile!

And there is not. There are days when it hard to see all that – it’s still there, just a little fuzzy. Delight and despair co-exist. In thoughts and life.

Why exactly can people not hold those two thoughts in mind, and accept both as being true? Yes, life sucks. No matter how good your life is, there has had to be some sucky things – major sucky, minor sucky but sucky nonetheless. And sometimes sucky on a daily basis.

And I’m willing to bet that people whose lives are truly sucky – that some of those people can, and do, find some up-sides, some pleasures, some joy, some beauty, if not every day, then some days.

I’m all about the up-sides/down-sides. Over the years I have posted with that as the title, many times because – well, hell, I CAN hold two opposing thoughts in my mind at the same time.

I can see both sides, I can appreciate both sides, I can revel in both sides, I can despair of both sides. I acknowledge both sides and I live both sides, some days more one than the other but still – both.

Life sucks, then you die. Life is beautiful, then you die. And every day you probably experience both. Very rarely is any one day perfect – perfectly wonderful or perfectly dreadful. Both sides, people, both sides, nothing is 100% anything – at least not in my view. But maybe that’s just me. Life sucks, then you die – and basically I am one happy camper!

And like just about everything, that reminds me of a song…

10 thoughts on “Life sucks then you die

  1. I haven’t heard that son in ages.
    I never really thought of the saying as a negative just a statement of how life can be sometimes. Without life sucking every now and then we wouldn’t appreciate the high points as much

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    1. I’m not so sure I agree with that assessment. Tho I did when I was younger, when I saw things only in black and white. With age you see all the shades of grey.


  2. yin/yang.
    but how often have you heard…life is great and then you die? it seems that people say life sucks…when they have nothing better or constructive to say or dont know what to say when life isnt going so well
    and yes, i have used the line too. usually as a smarts ass response to a negative situation.
    good post

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    1. It is exactly that – a throwaway remark. I’ve said it sarcastically to someone when they were whinging and whining over nothing; sarcastically when I have been whinging and whining and laughingly when someone asks ‘How’s life treating you?” I suppose it can have it uses as a sympathetic remark – but basically it is rather dismissive, isn’t it? Not a remark to be taken seriously and yet people do and react with a serious reply.

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  3. You certainly do cause a person to ponder thoughts they may have never thought of before, Grace. *lol* I’ve been thinking about this post since I read it. πŸ™‚ I think if people make a statement like: “(blank) sucks…” …. well, they mean it. For instance, if I said:

    “Pie sucks….” …. most people would think I didn’t like pie. I don’t believe at all that they’d think I liked some pie but not others.

    “Blueberries suck…..”….. most people would think I didn’t like blueberries. I don’t think they’d believe I liked blueberries half the time and not the other half.

    “Perfume sucks…..” …. wouldn’t you think that I didn’t like perfume at all? I’d never guess from that statement that sometimes I liked perfume but other times not.

    So, putting the word “life” into that statement…. “Life sucks….”, I wouldn’t think that there was anything about their life that didn’t suck. But if someone said “Pie sometimes sucks…” or “Some varieties of blueberries suck….” or “Some perfumes suck….” …. then I would think that sometimes pie and blueberries and perfumes don’t suck. Same with “Sometimes life sucks….”.

    It’s all in the adverbs, baby…. it’s all in the adverbs. πŸ˜€



    1. It’s a throw away remark, dismissive and without meaning except to people who take it seriously and reply to it. Which says more about the person who replies to it, seriously, than the person who says it initially.


  4. You’re right of course. Life IS sucky AND beautiful. A person’s outlook probably depends on how much of his or her life has been either sucky or beautiful. For me, life has been great so far, even with a few sucky days thrown in.

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