The (book)worm turns…

and that title phrase does not really apply in this usage. (“If you say that the worm turns, you mean that someone who usually obeys another person or accepts their bad behaviour unexpectedly starts resisting that person or expresses their anger.“) Unless, in the slimmest of interpretations, I can say that I, the (book)worm, turned when I finally decided that not finishing a book I didn’t like was okay. I used to force myself to finish reading books I didn’t like and somewhere along the line I realized what a waste of time that was.

I’ve always preferred terse, short, to the point, and hated all that yadda yadda physical description of landscapes and whatall else writers fill pages and pages with. Most of the time I could skip over all that (yeah, yeah, yeah – the sky is blue – move on with the damn story.) Then I just stopped bothering with the skipping over and I learned to close the book.

That’s probably why I, from an early age, preferred reading plays and poetry.  Let’s just get down to the real nitty gritty

Just tell me the story.
Let it about people I can like, at least the major characters.
And for god’s sake let there be a happy ending.

I don’t remember if I always craved happy endings, but I do now. Movies most definitely have to have happy endings. There must be a positive resolution. If I shed a tear or two on my way to the happy ending that’s okay, whether happy or sad tears.

I have read a book or two recently that didn’t have ‘happy’ endings but they were so very engaging, albeit a bit on the the dark side, and well-written that I had to finish, had to know the whole story, even if it turned out the whole story wasn’t there to be had.

Maybe you just get old enough, and have lived enough life and read enough books that there isn’t anything new under the sun anymore. Where every plot and twist is all “been there, done that”.

Or maybe you get old enough that you simply don’t want to waste time on anything that isn’t going to bring you pleasure, or illumination.

But mostly for me, these days, whether it’s a movie, a tv show or a book, it has to grab my attention and make me care. Make me feel something besides bored or annoyed.

And please, if it’s a book, make sure there was a real copy editor hard at work before they printed the damn thing!

15 thoughts on “The (book)worm turns…

  1. I don’t know if you follow Marlena Owens? Her first book, Escorting Mr Colburn was released on Kindle. The characterisation was beautiful. Such a joyful novella, and it had a beautiful ending. I loved it.

    She’s recently released Nora from the Hollow. I ordered it and it turned up today. I’m very excited to start reading it.

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    1. I recently read a book that ended – up in the air? Not clean and neat but left me sitting there thinking – “What?” but yet that was okay. It was such an interesting story with a lot of twists. Good psychological thriller.


  2. I finally learned to just stop reading a book that I don’t like. I used to finish it thinking I’d end up liking it but I rarely did. If someone has recommended it and warns me it starts out slow, I’ll stick with it and usually it ends well but otherwise I don’t have time to waste to wait and see. And yes, happy endings please!

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    1. As an obsessive bookworm when I was a kid not finishing a book was sacrilege and it took me a long time to learn that all books are not created equal LOL Getting rid of that little obsessive trait was a triumph!


  3. Love this post, Grace, and I’m with you. Most of the time I can tell I wouldn’t like a book simply by reading the inside of the dust cover… but once in awhile a book sounds good but when I get into it, it’s definitely a no-go. So I put it down and that’s that. It may sound silly but sometimes I’m at the point where I don’t even want to start a new book or new movie so I’ll choose to re-read or re-watch one that I already know I’ll like. Now THAT must have something to do with age. 😀 ~Andrea xoxo

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    1. I give most everything 10 minutes of my time – if it doesn’t grab me for one reason or another – I close it down. Not enough time left to be bored or annoyed. I no longer re-visit books, I did when I was younger. TV shows, oddly enough, I do re-visit. As previously stated, we have watched “Saving Grace” 4 (4!) times. And ‘Midsomer Murders’, the John Nettles episodes, of which there were something like 100, 3 times! And even after 3 times we still don’t remember who dunnit! We have tried going back to really old tv shows but we found they just don’t stand up to time, I think the oldest tv show we rewatches was ‘Frasier’. I was sad that ‘Barney Miller’ wasn’t re-watchable,


  4. I have to say, that I have stuck with a few books that ended up being a few of my favorite reads. I hated the characters, hated what they were doing, and I struggled to keep going…but I did. And I was so happy that I did. BUT…there are a few dogs that I absolutely hated and wondered why I carried on. “The Goldfinch” was one of those for me. Hated that book. Wish I could reclaim the time spent reading it on my deathbed.

    So, yeah….when I’m reading a dog, I sort of hate to give up on it…just in case it turns out to be good.

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    1. Since I don’t finish books that I don’t like I’ll never know if any of them turned out to be memorable LOL Donna Tartt is a snore and a bore…What often amazes me is that I will read books by the same author even tho I hated the first one – one author in particular – I’ve learned to just skip chunks of pages because I like her style, for the most part, and she comes up with interesting people and plots but she just goes on and on on…I’ve learned to skip the ‘on and on…’


  5. Oh my gosh, I’m suddenly the same way. I’ve started to watch Hallmark Xmas movies, and I always made fun of them before. But with this political climate, I NEED kind, sweet, happiness. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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    1. No apologies please – we are all beaten down with this toxic environment. While we can’t and shouldn’t avoid the reality a little escape is oh so needed and necessary!


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