Cat Bookends

Someone once noted that when you have two cats they will often mirror each other when napping.

In other news – I got my Christmas cards back from the printer and in my humble opinion they are awesome. I think the photo could have used a bit more tweaking, but still, really nice. The inside of the card came out super too. I am well pleased and I hope the folks who receive a card will enjoy it.

Monday starts the bathroom renovation, it should take about a week, which means for 5 days I will have to shower in the coffin that is the shower in the other bathroom – not looking forward to that. All the little doodads that I need for the new bathroom will be dribbling in over the next few days – new bath rug, shower mat, over the door towel rack because there is only one towel rack in that bathroom and no place to put another and since the two of us will now be using that bathroom – well, needed somewhere to put another towel. The sink/vanity set-up will be interesting to watch come together. I’ll have to remember to take before and after photos. Like everything else I do it will be  bit odd.

I had a second interview yesterday with the young woman doing a project for her social work degree. I’m still not sure what she was looking for and I don’t know if she got it. I’d love to know where I fit in.

As to the kitty bookends, Frankie flipped herself around and we got a ditto on the cat nap.

Reflections of wind in the windows

Y’all know how much I love photos of reflections – they always just blow me away. This morning the wind was really whipping. I was sitting at the dining table looking out the window at the reflection of the trees in the windows of the apartment catty-corner to mine and I thought, Whoa, that is cool, must get the camera.And so I did…(clicking on the photos should get you to a full size copy) –

A very short video of the whipping trees reflection –

I used the ‘sport’ setting on the camera to slow down the blur of the trees reflection – not very successful but these photos are interesting to me…

Instant gratification is not fast enough.

My personal motto. I used to say I had three speeds, fast, faster and comatose. When my spine crashed and burned (figuratively speaking) my speeds were reduced to one – “OMG – that hurts!”  Walking became shuffling, canes became my preferred fashion accessory. Walking outdoors was more of a lurching from telephone pole to telephone pole to anything I could grab and hang on to.

While my back has probably deteriorated further over the years, kinda inevitable when the diagnosis involved the word ‘degenerative’ I can actually walk now without a cane and without screaming pain. I mean, I’m always in pain regardless of my level of activity, but you know not screaming pain. And not fast. Slow. Sometimes I forget I can’t walk fast anymore, then the screaming pain kicks in.

But I’m not the only thing that has slowed down. Scrolling through Black Friday sales notices I saw ‘best deal on Instant Pot’. Ooh – instant! I checked it out, it is a slow cooker. What? Instant-Slow – bit of an oxymoron wouldn’t you say?  I had a slow cooker a million years ago, used it once or twice, made gross food, it went to the Salvation Army.

But then – the new kitchen cabinets have slow close/soft close doors and drawers. I didn’t ask for them, seems kitchen cabinets just come that way now. Who knew, not me.

A couple of years ago I replaced the commodes in the apartment and they came with slow close toilet seats. Again, I didn’t require that feature, they just came that way.

So what’s with the slow?

BTW- My new mattress – absolute heaven! Perfect in every way. And my choice of medium soft instead of medium firm? Such a good choice because the medium soft is NOT soft. It’s comfortable as all get out but soft it is not. I can’t even imagine what the medium firm must feel like – block of concrete?



So here we are

back in the dreaded ‘holiday season’.  I will go to my grave believing that: If you think Christmas is a religious holiday, then just go to church. If you think it is an obligation to spend money you don’t have to buy ‘presents’ for people you don’t like – please stop. Nobody really wants that crap present anyway.

Of course we just had Thanksgiving – a national exercise in hubris. And all that bland ‘white’ food. There is not enough garlic in the universe to make any of the stuff taste good.  There is no excuse for mashed white potatoes – none, zero, zip, nada, ninguno, NO. Gah! Yuck!

Ah, and then there is all that ‘happy family’ mishegoss. I’m not gonna beat that dead horse.

Christmas moves swiftly to New Year’s – which can best be described as an excuse to get get drunk and screw. Oh yeah, and make promises to yourself that you won’t keep because they are un-keepable.

I just keep wondering – that’s 3 days – what the hell are all you people doing the other 362 days of the year? NOT – going to church, eating well, spending time with people you like, giving a gift just because, making a decision to improve your life, one step at a time, hell, just being happy. That’s what you’re all not doing the other 362 days of the year?

You don’t need a special day to be a good person or live a good life. And if you need a reminder to do so and be so then just read the obituary column every day. THAT should be enough of a reminder to live NOW. Today. ENJOY. Today. LOVE. Today. Eat the goddamn donut. Today.

I’m not dismissing all those duties and obligations that are necessary – like work, ’cause where you gonna get the money to pay the rent and buy the donuts. But pick and choose those duties and obligations.

My best advice – Learn to say no. Slam those doors. Burn those bridges. Then, then – you can say yes, open new doors and build new bridges and skip happily across.

(Well didn’t this little rant go all over the place. But I think I covered everything…)

So what are we watching?

The Ballard of Buster Scruggs. We watched it on Netflix but it seems to be showing in movie theaters as well. It’s odd. And as I kept telling my husband, when he asked what it was about, both before and after we watched it – It’s a Coen brothers movie. That about sums it up. If you’re not a Coen brothers fan then you might just want to skip it, otherwise, I liked it. ‘Cause you know, it’s a Coen brothers movie.

9-1-1 (tv show) on Fox, which we watch on Hulu. It premiered in January of this year but we just started watching it 2 weeks ago, from the beginning of course, because you can do that with Hulu. We’re all caught up now and so we’ll be watching one episode a week, instead of one every night. It’s a feel good show, all the main characters are nice people, there is no one to dislike and no character is dumb/stupid/clueless.  The cast is fabulous – Angela Bassett! and Peter Krause and a few other actors you will probably recognize even if you don’t know their names off the top of your head. If you hate “This Is Us” don’t bother with this show.

Homecoming – 10 episode series on Amazon Prime starring Julia Roberts. The story takes place in 2022 regarding incidents that happened in 2018. The story flips back and forth in time which always makes me crazy, in books and films, and the only reason we stayed with it was because we wanted to know what the hell was going on, with only 10 episodes we knew there had to be an ending. I have to say, it is beautifully filmed, the editing is superb. It sorta has a happy ending – totally open to interpretation. I wouldn’t say it is a ‘must see’ but if you start it you might as well finish, episodes run about 25 minutes.

The Kominsky Method – Netflix original series. Not for young people, they won’t get it. It a show about old farts and that is probably the target audience. And about time I say, I am weary of tv shows/movies aimed at and about teenagers and the 20-something, 30 something demographic. Again, each episode is under 30 minutes, and it works for us. Alan Arkin and Michael Douglas are super in it – especially Alan Arkin (I wish the hell the Michael Douglas character would shave…)

Because I have the attention span of a gnat I usually chose movies that come in at 90 minutes or less, we’ve recently watched, and enjoyed, two movies on Netflix, They are semi-musicals and they are really a pleasant way to while away some time –

Opening Night (from 2016) Starring Topher Grace – more comedy than musical and just really nice, feel good movie, happy ending, why not? Yes, yes I know hackneyed plot – boy has girl, loses girl, gets girl back along with his self-respect and his career.  I enjoyed it, sue me.

The Beat Beneath My Feet (from 2014) Comedy, drama, with music. Teenage protagonist somewhat unappealing but he gets better as the story progresses. Adult protagonist is played by Luke Perry. Nothing new re: the plot, we’ve seen it all before but happy ending, good music. Once again, got 90 minutes to kill, give the creepy teenager a chance, he redeems himself, a little inspirational, maybe. But – ya know, happy ending, good music.

We subscribe to BritBox and Acorn – both channels feature British, Australian and Canadian show and quite frankly they are way better than anything you see on USA tv. Some of our favorite British shows pop up on Hulu and Netflix – if you want to do a little house hunting British style, Netflix has the “Escape to the Country Collection” – a variety of episodes from that series and the breathtaking scenery is definitely worth the price of admission.

Plus – oh happy day – the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is back for another season on Amazon December 5th.

Things I say

Mickey Mouse does not refer to the Disney character but rather something “ too easy, small, ineffective, or unimportant to be taken seriously” or something “annoyingly petty”  (Merriam-Webster dictionary).

As sure as God made little green apples – just means ‘absolutely certain’. For additional emphasis it can sometimes be prefaced by the phrase mark my words because...

Non-sequiturs (a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement.) that are always fun and which I’ve used in the last week:

No soap, radio – which is actually the punch line to an unfunny joke and has an entry in the Urban Dictionary and is, I guess, the epitome of a non-sequitur.

Why not, can’t dance – I thought I would find some reference to this but no, Google came up with nothing.  It’s totally meaningless, a reply or response when a person announces, apropos of nothing at all, that they are going to do some particular thing.

And there are things I say just because I like the way they sound – like apropos (click the word for the meaning and pronunciation – there’s a little sound icon). I use the word in the phrase ‘apropos of nothing at all’ as a not very smooth segue from one topic to another. (Or in a description of someone doing just that – see above, ‘Why not, can’t dance’)

Ah, I almost forgot deathless remark .  I used that yesterday in an email. It is used ironically when referring to something said, or written, that is trite, hackneyed or obvious (and far from deathless!)

I should keep a running list of the odd, and often archaic, words and phrases that I use, and love.  Words amuse me, so why not share my amusement.