Still monsters under my bed

Some years ago I wrote about the monsters under my bed. They are still there.

Last night the temperature was mild and despite the open window I was warm and restless. I kept kicking the covers off my feet and as my foot dropped down over the edge of the bed the seemingly primal fear of monsters under my bed kicked in. I quickly withdrew my foot and as I drifted off to sleep again, the foot went out of the covers and over the side of the bed and…I woke, again.

We have a platform bed and they usually have a ledge running around them. I can rest my foot on that ledge, and I try to, but to my semi-conscious mind that is still not safe enough.

Then in a dream? A semi-conscious state? A waking dream state? Some other level of consciousness? I was writing a story, I could ‘see’ the words appearing on a white page, the words were:

“Then the whole town gathered together in the town hall and sitting the little boy down in their center assured him that there were no monsters under his bed and that he was safe.”

How odd is that? How did a little girl afraid of monsters under her bed turn into a little boy afraid of monsters under his bed?

And why am I, at age 72, still afraid of monsters under my bed?

13 thoughts on “Still monsters under my bed

    1. Closed closet doors are a given LOL Not that I think monsters are in there but just that, I don’t like open closet doors – perhaps because they are untidy or just my compulsiveness, but not monsters, no.


  1. That’s very odd that you wrote that story in your sleep! I’m not sure a town hall could assure me of no monsters! My feet are always on the bed and covered so no monsters or boogie men get them! In fact, I’m rarely uncovered because if any part of my body from the neck down is showing, it’s susceptible to whatever goes bump in the night! J, on the other hand, is a chili pepper so usually has at least half of his body uncovered. I don’t get it!

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    1. Blankets and covers make me feel claustrophobic, I hate them. And I have this NEED to have my feet UNCOVERED and out in the open – except – Monsters! under the bed waiting to grab them! A difficult problem to solve. The interesting thing about the story, to me anyway, is why is it a little boy? But the rest of it? Feeling a part of something/belonging, feeling loved and protected.


  2. In the past when I slept alone, upon closing my eyes I felt the gaze of a little girl at the edge of my bed. It was truly scary, I always hid under the covers no matter how hot it was. I couldn’t let even a feet exposed, for fear of being pulled from the bed.

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  3. Where on earth did the “monsters under the bed” idea come from? it seems to be uniquely an American thing. I don’t know anyone at all who ever worried about monsters. Maybe I don’t know enough people? I’d really love to know where the idea originated and why it was allowed to continue. Children learn from their parents and if the parents never mention monsters in bedrooms or under beds/in closets, then surely that will die out?

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    1. The ‘idea’ probably originated back in pre-historic times ( And it is hardly an American thing ( also In Australia (

      Yes bad parenting adds to it by children being threatened by whatever ‘boogeyman’ is part of a particular culture if they don’t go to sleep and then there are the fairytales, and in modern times, the movies and videos children hear/watch. Night terrors usually start when a child is 2 and older. In my case my night fears started as soon as I born and was brought home from the hospital and the monster was quite real – it was my mother. And somehow it migrated to being under my bed as I got older. And it lives there still despite years of psychotherapy and the intelligent awareness that there are no monsters.


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