The coffee wars…

My husband has always been a coffee snob. He would bring his own coffee and coffee pot when visiting other people’s homes. At one time he had an old A&P coffee grinding machine – huge thing that they used to have in their stores. That’s gone by the wayside as has grinding the beans fresh – he now buys ground coffee. But not any ground coffee, oh no. For years it was a special roast from a coffee place in Burlington Vermont – Brazilian beans, Italian roast. Because it was a special roast only done on demand he had to order 7 pounds at a time – the minimum amount for a special roast. Well that was all well and good until the shipping costs became so high that there was no way to justify that cost.  So now he buys coffee from a roaster in NYC. Thing is – I can’t drink the coffee he drinks, too dark, too harsh, too acidic, it just rips my stomach to pieces.

With the introduction of the k-cup we thought we had a solution. He would still brew pots of his super dark coffee in the morning and he and I would both use the k-cups but still it had to be a dark roast for him so I still had this bad reaction to it. But that’s just the way it was. Didn’t make sense to try and find a brand of k-cup coffee I liked because, quite frankly, they are all pretty terrible and 3 kinds of coffee (plus 2 different coffee pots) was just taking the whole thing to a ridiculous level and besides my husband drinks way more coffee than I do.

Over the years we invested a lot of money in coffee pots because my husband likes coffee pots – the fancier the better. The last coffee pot we bought was a combo coffee make – one side was a regular drip coffee pot, the other side was a k-cup coffee maker. Seemed a good solution, smaller took up less room than 2 full size coffee makers but still – neither of us was pleased with the quality of the k-cup coffee – not dark enough for him, too dark for me and let’s face it, not all that great tasting – but convenient.

After the kitchen reno I decided that I’d had enough. I bought myself a 5-cup coffee maker, cost a whopping $12.99. My husband decided his big fancy regular (non-k cup) coffee maker, which we had put away in storage, was old and taking too long to brew. So I bought a regular old Mr. Coffee (and boy have they gone up in price.) The thing now was for me to find a brand of coffee that tasted good but didn’t do a job on my stomach.

I hate to admit this, because I hate the company, but Starbucks Yukon Blend is the best I have found. Years ago I drank this blend, it’s really good, a medium roast that doesn’t make me ill. I do not patronize Starbucks stores because I don’t drink all that crap flavored coffee they push and their plain, in-store brewed regular coffee is HORRIBLE. Thing is – the only place I’ve found that sells Yukon blend at a price I am willing to pay is, get this, Target! And the only problem with that is – it takes 2 weeks to receive it. 2 Weeks! The damn stuff gets shipped from California for some strange reason despite the fact that there is a Target about 3 miles away from where I live. (And no I am not going to take a cab to that store – that’s an expense I don’t need.)

Upside: We both get to drink coffee we like. We save money by not buying k-cups.

Downside: I have to plan pretty far ahead so I don’t run out of my preferred coffee blend and we wash coffee pots numerous times a day. Numerous!

But hey, you do what you gotta do to get a decent cup of coffee – at last!

15 thoughts on “The coffee wars…

  1. For the longest time I couldn’t stand the taste of coffee. I loved the smell, hated the taste. Somewhere along the line I had a change of heart and now I love it. I don’t even care what kind it is. I buy the cheap stuff. Wade had asked me one year if I wanted a Keurig for Christmas. I thought it would be nice but I told him the k cups were way too expensive for my thrifty self.

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    1. Been drinking coffee since I was itty-bitty, that’s just the way it is in Italian households. I was getting k-cups for around 51 cents each – so 51 cents for a cup of coffee isn’t all that pricey but really the quality of the coffee is just not that great. I also used k-cup tea – again not great quality because you can’t control the strength but the hot cocoa I bought – they were super delicious. NowI have some of the hot cocoa k-cups left over and no k-cup coffee maker LOL What is surprising to me, now that I am buying ground coffee again, is that there is no such thing as a pound of coffee! The packages are 10 oz or 12 oz. My husband buys his coffee from a roaster in NYC and they sell by the pound.


  2. Wow!
    I have found that I like cold brew coffee and the current brand is Stok. I also drink cold brew tea and will even make cold brew green tea. But hot coffee was the Starbucks veranda blend or green mountain breakfast blend. And like you no strong roast as it upsets the stomach.

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    1. I don’t drink cold coffee or tea – or ‘iced’ as I believe they call it. I don’t do ice LOL I’ve never tried the Verona blend – I’ll stick with the Yukon – I just hate the idea of patronizing Starbucks.


  3. It’s hard to find a coffee that isn’t so strong. We like Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and buy that by the bag. The ONLY Starbuck’s coffee I will buy is Casi Cielo…and it can only be had in this wee window in late February. We run from store to store to stock up. It is smooth and not acidic–quite the opposite of the other Starbuck’s coffees.

    The company I work for makes Starbuck’s food. So, I’m not trash-talking the hand that feeds me.

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    1. I tried Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and didn’t care for it, also 8 O’Clock and some other name brand – they all either taste bad (to me) or upset my stomach. Unfortunately for me Yukon Blend seems to be the only coffee that a) I like and b) Doesn’t upset my stomach. Let’s just hope Target continues to sell it at a very good price and I remember to order it well in advance of need.


  4. I don’t drink coffee and don’t even like the smell of it so the thought of having special coffee is beyond my reality! I just thought it was all the same and what made it different is what’s added to it. Who knew!

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    1. Oh my goodness – where and how the coffee is grown affects its taste and more importantly how the coffee is roasted really determines the coffee taste. Even how coffee is brewed affects the taste. For really good coffee and for super coffee snobs nothing is put into the coffee!


  5. I have to drink decaf. For years, I special ordered/loved Gloria Jean’s Butter Toffee decaf. But I have (over the past 2 years, since I was diagnosed with UC)…developed intolerances for most chemicals in food, and discovered that included flavored coffees. even decaf. I guess it’s the chemicals. So I just bought some Seattle’s Best Decaf. No flavor, but the best decaf I’ve ever had without flavor. Wish me well! Otherwise, I’ll have to give up coffee for good.

    Glad you found one that works for you!

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    1. LOL No flavor but the best decaf? I don’t think I have ever drunk decaf coffee – doesn’t seem like there would much of a point to it. and now you are telling it doesn’t have any flavor plus not having any caffeine? Can I ask why you bother?


  6. I have to say this and if I offend you I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t have put up with so many years of trying coffees and being ill from them. I would have given up and drank tea or cocoa instead.
    I drink “International Roast” instant coffee. People here sneer and tell me “that’s not coffee it’s the sweepings from the factory floor”, but it’s what my parents drank so I did too. It’s cheap and I load it with sugar just as they did. I also drink herbal teas, in a variety of flavours. When I was married, my husband preferred Nescafe, also the instant type so it was easy enough to buy two cans of coffee when shopping, but we don’t drink coffee all day so a single can of each lasted us quite a while.
    With buying coffee that gets shipped all that distance, why not buy extra so you don’t run out and so you don’t have to order as often?

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    1. Well, I like coffee so when my stomach decided that it couldn’t tolerate the kinds of coffee I had been drinking
      for 50 years I had to keep looking for something both me and my stomach liked. I do drink tea but GOOD high quality coffee is most definitely my preference.


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