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It occured to me when my birthday passed and I didn’t get my annual phone call from an old friend that the reason was because she didn’t have my new telephone number! Well, duh! Last February we changed mobile phone carriers and got new numbers and I gave the new number to – no one! Well my husband has it, and the dentist and all medical contacts but – no one else. And then last May we got rid of our landline so…If, for some crazy reason someone wanted to phone me, they can’t. So if anyone out there needs my new phone number, let me know.

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that I have spent years (and oodles of money) trying to find sheets that fit my bed and don’t make me crazy in various other ways. Like the super expensive, deluxe, wonder of wonders sheets from Brooklinen – crap! and super expensive. And – crap! I threw those away and went back to using 500 thread count cotton percale sheets I had in the closet that pretty much feel like those weighted blankets must feel like. I hate them! They suffocate me. I need sheets that don’t feel like they are tring to murder me. (You can read about thread counts I’ve spent hours searching and searching (again) for sheets and finally I just bit the bullet and bought these. Oho – they are just great. 300 thread count, so they just the right weight. They fit the bed perfectly (my mattress is only 13 inches high) and yes, they come out of the dryer wrinkled – they are 100% cotton percale – COTTON WRINKLES! I love all the reviews where people complain about cotton wrinkling, that’s what cotton does! Someone should introduce those folks to linen – it’d probably drive them out of their minds.

Today was also kind of a good day – Virginia did a nice job with the election, we got the state house back. Nationally – well, could have been better but we got the House of Representatives back, maybe in 2 years we can get the whole country back. And Texas? I have always had a soft soft in my heart for you but you are such a slow learner – it was close, y’all ALMOST did the right thing.

16 thoughts on “And other stuff…

  1. Wrinkled cotton is why I prefer to hang my sheets on the line whenever possible. Out in the sun and wind, they dry nice and crisp, ready to go straight back on the bed. I also have cotton percale and love them. Don’t have a clue what the thread count is though, it was on the packaging but I threw that away and it was five or six years ago now.

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    1. If they are light in weight then probably a lower thread count – as for quality, it’s not the thread count but rather the type and quality of the thread itself. So many folks fall for that high thread count=better quality, I know I did but not any more, I know what I like!

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  2. I agree – Tuesday was a good day. I felt excited to see the voters support an inclusive culture rather than continuing the divisive culture that has persisted for the last few years. I truly feel encouraged!

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    1. I’m from the ‘people are people” school of thought and I find all the specific adjectives offensive. I don’t give a rats ass about what you look like or where you’re from, just what you believe in. I do care about ring-wing, conservative wing-nuts, corporate thievery and the government getting all involved in people’s private lives. That so has to change. And destruction of the environment…Arizona not encouraging more, and extensive, solar energy? Give me a break, what better place than Arizona for that? And then of course gun control – yes, please I’d like some – so many issues. We all have our little soap boxes…


      1. Changing phone numbers or email addresses can be a royal pain, can’t it? Not to mention a few hurt feelings if you happen to miss someone. Ouch!

        As an Arizonan by choice, I tend to favour Pima long staple cotton. Be it Pima, Egyptian or other specialty varieties, longer fibers contribute to the smoothness of cotton fabric. More expensive, but sheets made with long fibers last longer with reasonable care.

        As an Arizonan, I realize that we are a rather independent lot and do not like to have mandates shoved down are throats by those who do not live here. The solar energy proposition you reference was originated by outside interests as a constitutional amendment mandating conversion to solar irrespective of cost.

        We do need to develop more solar energy in the various desert elevations, although it likely is less feasible in the high country. Our electric utility companies have, and continue to, play games with rate structures and rates. Implementation of solar power will occur in a financially responsible manner. It makes sense. It simply will not happen as quickly as those who do not pay for it would like.

        Now, if we could nudge the state legislature into the 21st century… 😉

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  3. “The right thing”….for who? The election results in Illinois are dismaying. The Dems have run Illinois and Chicago into the shithole and Obama was a part of that. We have the highest taxes in the nation and the worst corruption and crime. I guess the voters want more of that??

    I’m really discouraged that so many of my favorite blogs are political these days. I would really just like to avoid the subject altogether, so I am trying to just avoid reading FB, blogs, and instagram. I don’t really want to know anyone’s political thoughts because I rarely agree with them.

    But…I do agree with you on sheets. I like cotton sheets.

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    1. I have never been about a particular party, only about the issues so – I am wildly liberal on some issues and madly conservatives on others. A lot of my “liberal’ friends would be aghast at my thoughts on immigration. Corruption is everywhere, always has been, always will be – power and greed. Money drives everything in this world, and especially this country, and it is destroying it. Let me get off my soapbox LOL

      Yes, as I recall you like the heavier, ‘crisp’ sheets, so that puts your choices in the 400-500 thread count area. Microfiber sheets are the pits! I do not understand why anyone uses them at all!


  4. I love Egyptian sheets, and have been willing to pay for them, but right now I’m in love with Hotel sheets by Macy, (now on sale!) Softest, bestest sheets ever! (never pay full price for them.)

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  5. I’m ready for change in the county and change to flannel sheets! When it’s cold, I love snuggling in flannel. I can already guess how you feel about flannel sheets! LOL!

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    1. Yeah, not my thing, flannel sheets, tho I can understand why people like them, I think most folks probably like soft and cozy especially when it’s chilly but I can only take so much soft and cozy and then I feel smothered. Colder where you are than we are right now but the weatherman says that will change this weekend – but I bet I will still be kicking the covers off even with the heat off and the windows cracked and my light and fluffy sheets and blankie.

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  6. I LOVE sateen sheets, they are so smooth and light, and don’t wrinkle too badly! I always buy them on sale at the outlets, bed bath and beyond used to have them, but I am in the UK now so not sure if they still do, they were fantastic!. nice to meet you, thank you for flowing me, love your blog.

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    1. I’ve had sateen sheets, they are not my favs – I love my cotton percale. Sateen sheets are often blends which makes them a little less wrinkly. I’m getting old and a little crunchy-granola – so I tend towards 100% pure and chemical and additive free stuffs but haven’t gone all organic LOL

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