Everyone needs to be more like

Lin and Grace.

Lin and I have been ‘friends’ for at least ten years now. No, we’ve never met in real life but we have been there for each other, as best and as well as we could, and I cherish her in my life.

I was actually going to write something along these lines yesterday in response to her comment on Wednesday post. That we disagree and yet …I smile at everything that woman says.

You see Lin and I are about as different as people can be. As much as we both put laughing at the top of our priority list we don’t laugh at the same things. We don’t like the same music and our tastes in just about everything (Everything!) are totally different.

I am old enough to be Lin’s mother, actually I think I am older than Lin’s mother, and our lives have been completely different in every way imaginable.

What Lin and I have in common is, (and this may sound a little self-serving) we are both warm, loving, good hearted, generous people. And yes, we like laughing best, even if we laugh at different things. We are both opinionated, head-headed ladies – and yet we can appreciate, even if we don’t agree, the other’s point of view on life, and home decor. (Oh, our standing joke about throw pillows – totally cracks me up every time we visit THAT one.)

I hope I have been supportive to Lin over the years – she had some shit she was dealing with at work that was stressing her out to the max. And she has shown me so many kindnesses over the years, I can’t count them. Just being there – I don’t think she knows how much I look forward to her blog posts, regardless of the topic. I want her to post every day because I look forward to it – I don’t know whether I find it comforting to know she is there, or what.

Just last night via Facebook she offered me a kindness – some would think it is a small thing but there is no ‘small‘ when it comes to kindness.

With all the craziness that is going on now, people need to be more like Lin and Grace – for all our differences, we care about each other’s well-being. We want only the best for each other, and we do whatever we can, however we can, to be there for each other. To be as supportive and helpful as we can to each other, even with the distances between us, both geographically and almost everything else. That ‘everything else’ just made me laugh – y’all have no idea how much everything else. And yet…

Whatever draws us together, I don’t know, only that it does and I cherish it.

18 thoughts on “Everyone needs to be more like

  1. I’ve been witness to Lin and Grace and love the relationship you both have. I see your differences but I also see your similarities. There is hardly anything you agree on but you both would do anything for the other. I love you both and am glad to call you both my friend too!

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  2. We are a lovable mess, aren’t we??! Hahaha!

    This was a really kind (and appreciated) post. I think there is much to learn from those who are different from us and I am glad that I have you in my life to give me another perspective on everything. I think our friendship is a good example of how people can get along in spite of our cultural, age, and demographic differences.

    You were very good to me when I was in a bad place, and you gave me lots of food for thought, which…in the end…prompted me to leave a bad situation. I will never forget that kindness. You had insight from very far away and I knew you were right.

    Thank you for letting me make the bag for you. I can never repay your kindnesses, but I’d like to try. I have already been to the fabric store….excited to put this together for you!

    I am glad you are my friend, Grace. If I were closer, I’d bring you a throw pillow and hug you really, really hard. 😉 Just kidding.

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