Just some pics today

I had to walk up to the dry cleaner to get my husband’s shirts and saw this Halloween display on someone’s lawn. A crap phone camera plus high winds and this is the best I got, but still fun…

I’m glad I got this last hurrah shot of my favorite tree because today it is totally leafless –

And then – a friend on FB was lamenting that her kitty had lost her favorite toy and a new one was not to be found in the stores. I googled around and sent her the links to several on-line sources for the toy. Another FB friend decided that since friend 1’s kitty loved the toy so much, friend 2 would get her one for her kitty. Friend 2 then posted photos of her kitty going batso over this toy. Now my cats are basically toy averse and Miss Frankie has no interest in catnip while BB likes it for like 2 minutes. Ever hopeful I bought one of these reputedly fabulous no-cat-can-resist-it toys and…Miss Frankie said “Get that away from me and stop annoying me”. BB said “Oh yeah, cool beans”

And his interest lasted as long as that photo session lasted. That toy has been sitting in the middle of the living room for 2 weeks now and both cats ignore it. I pick it up and dangle it in front of them and they yawn and walk away. Little ingrates!

(And if you’re really interested, if you click on the photos you can see them full size.)

8 thoughts on “Just some pics today

    1. Miss Frankie does like her wand toy but only the kind that have a ball at the end and she prefers to play with it herself, BB will react to a catnip toy for like a minute or two and then he will never go back to that toy. They are both old now but even when they were kittens they were just never interested. When Frankie was little she did love taking things from the humans and hiding them but they were human things…ah, you kitties make us humans crazy.


  1. Great pics especially of adorable BB! It’s funny that he and Miss Frankie don’t care for toys. Toys are a huge hit around here. Both cats love them and play daily and Lexi always has a toy with her too. I have a stash of toys that I keep circulating so they’re always ‘new’ for them. Anyway, hope you all are enjoying your Sunday!

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  2. My kitties just like two things: sparkle balls and “stick.” I will find one of the two cats batting the sparkle balls around the house, and Owen likes to carry them to our bedrooms in the middle of the night–talking the entire time.

    “Stick” is a clear plastic stick that used to have some sort of toy at the end. The toy broke off and I don’t know why, but all of our cats LOVE to chase the plastic stick when we drag it on the ground for them. Dumbest things ever….and they love it. Go figure.

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    1. Miss Frankie loves her stick toy but only the kind that has a ball on the end! In the middle of night you can hear her yowling that she has caught her prey and sometimes, we don’t know how she does it, but she manages to get it draped around her ‘shoulders’ and marches around the house like that. With the Beez, it’s just food and a lap for him, and 2 minutes with any new catnip toy. We have one of those Star Chaser thing-a-ma-jigs with a light up ball and a scratcher pad in the center, Frankie sits in the middle of it like a queen on her throne and BB lies down next to it and desultorily waps the ball around…


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