Miscellaneous Mishegoss #737.4

scratching-catCan you love a financial institution? I’ve had a Capital One credit card for umpteen million years and two years ago I opened a Capital One Savings account for a place to dump my social security check (a woman should always have a bank account in her name only). The money has just been sitting in there until recently when I needed some of it and discovered that I could only transfer a small amount at a time into our joint checking/savings at the credit union. There just happens to be a brick and mortar Capital One Bank near us and we popped over last week to get something notarized and by-the-way open a checking account. The young woman was so thoughtful, helpful and gracious and also by-the-way she and I share the same birthday (not year of course.) Anyway, managing all my Capital One accounts is just so easy-peasy and their customer service is so great (as are their security systems) and everything is free and I get interest on every penny – well, I just love them.

scratching-catLast June we were discussing buying a mattress on-line and we went round and round and decided not to but I saw an ad in Sunday’s paper, checked out the web site and I am so pulling the trigger on this – finally. I’ll put in the order either late today or first thing tomorrow morning because they have two to three day white glove delivery and hubby won’t be home Wednesday morning to help me wrangle all this and you know, just as sure as God made little green apples, if I had put in the order over the weekend the delivery would wind up being on Wednesday morning. It’s a hybrid mattress – a layer of memory foam, a layer of cooling gel (or something like that) and then the standard, old fashioned individually wrapped coils. A 100% memory foam mattress (like Tempurpedic) is like sleeping on a rock – been there, done that. Plus they are so heavy. I used to trash my back just making the bed, lifting the corners of mattress to get the sheets on killed me. And there is no give in those things, and quite frankly they smell. Of course nowadays I believe they make them with some kind newfangled eco-friendly foam but still.

scratching-catOnly 2 more weeks until the the bathroom renovation! Yeah, I know, we are spending money like drunken sailors but it is necessary. I’ve given up on the notion that I will win the lottery, second prize only thank you, and we would be able to move to a better location and therefore a more modern apartment. So that’s why all the renovations – looks like we will be here for the long haul and after six years of grossness and inconvenience, not to mention safety issues with the bathroom – it’s so time. Past time.

scratching-catAh, and I have a bit of a dilemma about my Christmas cards.  I have totally run out of ideas. I design my own and have them printed by Vistaprint.com. Last year I used my “Poem for Lin” and everybody loved it to pieces and I have no ideas for this year and I doubt I could top that one. But time is passing quickly and I have to get on this…What to do, what to do, what to do…


6 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Mishegoss #737.4

  1. Beds are so personal. What is good for him, isn’t so for her. I like a hard mattress. Hate memory foam and the dial-a-beds. I can’t imagine how to shop for a bed without laying on it.

    I don’t know how long we will be in this house, but the time here has to be comfortable for us. That is why we did our bathroom a couple of years ago and the kitchen once the kids were done with college. Life is too short to have to deal with a cruddy layout or a room that doesn’t work for you. I’m excited to see what you have done.

    I’ve got my cards…now I have to practice my calligraphy on all of the envelopes. I am out of practice since the kitchen reno. Don’t laugh when you get your envelope in the mail.

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    1. We did the memory foam thing years ago and initially it seemed great but quickly over time it proved problematic – for one thing there are heavy as hell and I couldn’t even lift the corners to get the sheets on, there is no ‘give’ to them, just so hard to maneuver in them. I’ve always gone for ‘hard’ mattresses because I thought they would be good for my back but they are actually worse. And now we are old and we need something to cushion our joints and pressure points. I was going to automatically do the medium firm choice but I do believe I will go with the medium soft – G is all skin and bones and he actually bruises himself on the firm mattress!!! Yes, I think it would be better to try one out but there is no where TO try it out and we don’t have a car to drive around from mattress place to mattress place, sooo

      You saw the pics of my new kitchen? I took them right after it was finished and before I put all the stuff back on the counters – I love it to pieces because it SO works for us, even tho it’s been a month and we still forget that the fridge was moved across the room. It’s a very small kitchen but with the new configuration and smaller fridge we have more counter space, probably an equal amount of cabinet space because I had oodles of cabinet space before. It is not anyone’s taste but mine (everyone was shocked I had the dishwasher removed), and I have flat front light maple cabinets. I can’t imagine anyone liking it but us and I LOVE it.

      The bathroom is going to be basic, basic, basic – like minimally basic. Nothing fancy at all. WE have this weird set up – the sink is in an alcove that is 29.5 inches wide and then the tub/shower is in a little LITTLE room. The idiots that prepped this place for sale PAINTED the bathtub so the first time I pulled up the bath mat all the paint came with it. And I need a walk-in shower, I’ve got a grabby thing screwed to the side of the tub but it’s not enough. It’s going to be plain all white tile (even tho I hate white) and we gave G his fancy shower doors. Quite frankly the basic sliding doors would have been better and more practical since you could hang towels off of it, there is only one small towel bar in the bathroom but you know, give the guy the fancy door if he wants.

      Where the sink is, there used to be a pedestal sink, I had that taken out years ago and a vanity with drawers put in because – storage. But it blocks the water shut-off valves for the shower and that makes G nervous. So – I’m going industrial. They are going to fit a slab of granite to fit exactly into the alcove, small undermount sink, single hole faucet. They are going to fit a ‘skirt’ on the front of the sink to hide some of the plumbing which I actually don’t want – I like the industrial look. I will buy a small 3-drawer storage chest to slide under the sink. I’m turning the mirror sideways and moving it up and will have a shelf put over the sink. So basic.

      We have a hall bathroom with a much larger vanity and a stall shower that is narrower than a coffin. I can’t use it and you would think at that size it would be safe but G recently told me that he HAS lost his balance in that stupid thing and hurt himself because there is basically nowhere to fall and he banged up his head, knees and elbows!

      Wow – that’s probably more than you wanted to know LOL


  2. I have been wanting a new mattress for a long time. I HATE mine. I will never in a million years buy another pillowtop mattress again. They are horrible.
    My bathroom needs a a mkeover. Possibly one of the first home repairs i do once the mortgage is paid off and I can get some money set aside

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    1. I’m not sure what a pillow top mattress is but I hate the ones that have those indents and buttons in them – they hurt! I want the top of my mattress to be smooth. We have a king size bed and that just jumps the price of everything ‘bed’ to stupid prices. Most on-line mattress are a whole lot cheaper than store mattress. Since you are probably going to be in your home for a long time, most definitely start making it to suit yourself…


  3. We’re going to finally get a new bed in the next month or so. I’ll be anxious to hear how your online buying experience goes. I hate bed shopping because I get overwhelmed with all the choices these days but this time it’s gotta be done.

    How exciting your bathroom remodel is starting soon! Remodels are expensive but they are worth it. We had to update everything from 70’s yellow counters, cheap cabinets and hideous wallpaper. Now I need to repaint the entryway so it’s like I’m starting all over again but at least no big things need to be done yet. I want to update light fixtures next but can’t find what I want. Yeah, the whole getting overwhelmed thing might have something to do with that too. *sigh*

    I’m going to do cards with one of our pics from Hawaii and also pics of the girls on it. I need to get working on it. I don’t know if people like receiving them but it’s kinda fun doing them. Whatever you come up with will be fabulous!

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    1. Oh, Oh, Oh – get LED lights!!! (https://www.lampsplus.com/products/close-to-ceiling-lights/type_led/) You can get them in bright sunlight or softer lighting. The brightness ranges from, I believe, 1000K to 4000K. The higher the number the brighter the light. You can get hard-wired LED ceiling fixtures, no bulb whatsoever, or fixtures that use LED bulbs. Save you money on your electric bill and you won’t have to change bulbs for years! Years! We have hard-wired LED ceiling lights in our hallways and we have under cabinet LED lights in the kitchen and they are fabulous! Fabulous, do you hear me, fabulous. I love getting ‘personal’ Christmas cards, the only thing is most folks don’t even sign them, and that makes me sad. Haven’t got a clue what I’m going to do and I’d better get my ass in gear, time is flying!


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