Silly Kitty

I am always taken aback when I see Miss Frankie lounging on the back of my husband’s super gigantic recliner. I asked my husband how she gets up there and his answer was

Floor to step stool to couch ➡︎ along couch to table between couch and recliner ➡︎ from table to desk behind recliner ➡︎ from desk to top of recliner.

(Oh, here’s the step stool the cats use to get on the couch…plus BB)

18 thoughts on “Silly Kitty

    1. BB is under the impression that he can just “walk” up things, when that doesn’t work he will, sometimes, give a little push up with his hind legs and then scramble like hell. Or he will just shrug his shoulders and walk away. He’s never been a jumper.

      Miss Frankie, on the other hand, oh poor baby! When she was a kitten she could levitate with the best of them, a regular little aviator she was. But then when she was one years old, maybe a little older, her butt got disproportionately large and it put her sense of balance out of whack. No one was more surprised than Frankie that jumps that were easy-peasy before now became impossible and she was always shocked that she wound up back on the floor instead of on top of the counters. I asked the vet about it and she said the funniest thing “If you could find Frankie’s mother I bet you would find that she has a big butt too!” Of course Frankie is 14 years old now, so age is getting to her – she can still leap quite nicely from equally high places or short distances – like the dining chair to the dining table but she does hesitate. Getting old is a bitch for all creatures!

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  1. That’s quite a lot of work for Miss Frankie to get on the back of the chair! She looks small on that chair or else the chair is really wide. Of course she’s as beautiful as always! Isabella can only jump up about two feet so we have a lot of things to help her get to places too. Angel is a graceful high jumper but she’s now 12 so sometimes utilizes the help too.

    BB is adorable!

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  2. *haha* And Miss Frankie is thinking…. “Close but no cigar, big guy!” when your husband tries to surmise how she got up there. 😀 I love your cats, Grace. I’m thisclose to heading to the shelter for our next furry love. I miss my Mistletoe (5-1-02…8-8-18) something fierce!!

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