OMG – How much beauteousness can you put in one package?

Y’all remember my friend Lin? Well let me tell ya – whooshies – but that woman knows how to knock it out of the park!

On FaceBook  I was kvetching that our ancient (but fancy) Scrabble game came a cropper insofar as the faux leather bag that holds the tiles disintegrated – literally. It became a pile of brown faux leather powder. I said I would have to hunt around the interwebz to try and find something to replace it. The Amazing Miss Lin says “Don’t buy anything. I’m taking my sewing machine out tomorrow and I’ll make you one.”

The package came today. My husband asked me if I was going to keep the big padded envelope it came in because – Miss Lin has always had beautiful handwriting, then she took a calligraphy course, and here is a little taste of her talent –

Now see that beautiful card? That is handmade by Lin’s cousin!

As for the bag – it’s made out of denim, and when the drawstring close didn’t work, Lin sewed in a velcro closure –

But wait! There’s more – Lin actually lined the bag! Remember this is just for Scrabble tiles – take a look at this –
Couldn’t ya just die from the cute?

And aren’t I just besides myself with happy-happy-joy-joy because – Look how beautiful everything is, including the envelope! And aren’t I just so damn thankful to have Miss Lin in my life – YES, I AM!

10 thoughts on “OMG – How much beauteousness can you put in one package?

  1. Oh, you are so funny! This is what I like to do….make simple projects a freaking FUN one! That is why I wanted to make you the bag. I LOVE that stuff!

    The calligraphy is rough these days. I need to practice. But, thank you for saying it was good. 🙂

    I’m soooo glad you like the little bag. Isn’t the lining fun?? I’m sooo happy that I could do something nice for you for a change. Whenever you need sewing….I’m your gal.

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    1. You know something must be pretty awesome if my husband takes notice! He did actually ask me if I was going to keep the mailing envelope, and I did cut out the label with my name and address and put it on my bulletin board along with the card. The lining fabric is SO great and the bag fits nicely into the storage drawer in the Scrabble board. So all in all I scored big time with this most wondrous bounty of gifts! 💜💜

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    1. She did indeed – knocked it right out of the park. Her cousin used to have an on-line shop and I tried to link to it but it seems it is closed now. All you hand-crafting card makers makes me want to make some too but then I would need one of those machines and tons of paper – I do love cards!

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