Well it’s a gosh darn beautiful day

The total yecch that was Thursday, became a Friday that dawned bright and sunny and dry, warming up nicely but still Winter-ish. We did our grocery shopping today instead of Thursday because the weather was so nasty, and therefore we missed out on our 5% senior discount, and this was a soda week too – oh well.

It’s so gorgeous today I think I’mma gonna walk up to the little market to get eggs. I know, you’re saying “But Grace you already went to the grocery store today” but the eggs in Harris Teeter are twice as expensive as at the little market. At the little market a dozen jumbo eggs from a local supplier is $2.29, at Harris Teeter a dozen large eggs from 2 or 3 states away are $4.49+ so you can see why I prefer the little market.

I don’t do holidays, particularly family type holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think both are a crock of nonsense. And then of course there is my whole family history so, you know, no fond memories.  When I worked it was nice getting all that paid time off but now I am retired and one day is pretty much like every other – every day is a paid day off.  That said…

I do like sending Christmas cards.I like getting them.  I like designing them. Okay, I just like cards in general, snail mailed of course. Last year’s card was very popular and I was hard pressed to top that this year. I don’t think I have but I designed a very nice card (I think), bright and cheerful and fun, so I’m happy.

Waiting in front of my building this morning for our Uber, I noticed that the two scraggly rose bushes on either side of the entrance still were blooming – the last gasp. Poor little frostbitten roses, determined to live and add their beauty to the world. Bless their little hearts!

8 thoughts on “Well it’s a gosh darn beautiful day

  1. Other than losing the discount, I’m glad the change in routine didn’t mess up the, uh, routine! It’s good you get a chance to be outside to walk to the little market too. The rose is lovely! We have tomatoes still on the vine turning red despite freezes at night. It’s pretty incredible when nature shows such strength against the circumstances.

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    1. G hates going out in bad weather even more than he hates his routine disrupted – besides not much of a disruption – we went out the same time we usually do so he didn’t miss his nap or his lunch! and yes, Mother Nature is a marvel.

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    1. I’ve been designing my own cards for about 6 years now, some have used beautiful images, some mine, some that I’ve gathered over the years. Some of the cards have been a teeny bit sentimental and while never religious they have been heartfelt good wishes for my friends. Last year I used a poem that I wrote back in 2015 for my friend Lin (https://blastandbother.blogspot.com/2015/12/for-lin.htmlhttps://blastandbother.blogspot.com/2015/12/for-lin.html) and I post it on my blog every year because – it’s good and people enjoy it. This year it’s just a bright cheerful happy card and I hope people like it. I have the cards professionally printed, I’m not crafty that way. I am not a holiday person but I do enjoy observing other people enjoying…and I would never rain on someone’s parade.

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  2. The last few days have been really yecch with a combination of rain and snow. I ready for a bright and sunny one.
    That’s really expensive for eggs. Here a dozen large eggs are $1.89 at the store I work at and I believe even less at Walmart.

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    1. I buy jumbo eggs – at the supermarket they rarely have them and when they do they are close to $6 a dozen! At the little market jumbo eggs are $2.29, same at Trader Joe’s. I wonder why the little market and Trader Joe’s can sell quality eggs at that price and the chain supermarket can’t.

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