Sometimes they are spot on

Dreams – No one knows why we dream or the exact function of dreaming. I’ve lifted this bit from Scientific American “Some consider this loose making of connections to be a random process, in which case dreams would be basically meaningless. The Contemporary Theory of Dreaming holds that the process is not random, however, and that it is instead guided by the emotions of the dreamer.

I’ve never put much stock in the meaning of dreams except, occasionally, when they are so strongly linked to something real in my life.  Otherwise, I just go along with the theory that dreams are a way for the brain to sort out the days happenings, keep what’s useful, dispose of the rest.

Friday night I had the most vivid dream – twice. So vivid that it is with me still. I dreamt of giraffes! Giraffes – they are beautiful no doubt but typically not a part of my daily consciousness. My wonderment and confusion led me to look up the meaning of dreaming about giraffes and son-of-a-gun there is a boatload of material.

Let me tell you the dream…

Baby giraffe behind a low fence, Mama giraffe in the near background. I am talking to the baby giraffe “It’s much safer for you here at the zoo. You are protected and no one can hurt you.” The baby giraffe is listening but he has his head down.

I woke up for a bathroom break, went right back to sleep and had the same dream except this time I was saying to the baby giraffe “I know, I know – you want to be free. You want to run across the veldt but the lions can eat you and the hunters will shoot you. You’re safe here”

And now, various interpretations I gathered from numerous sources:

  • “Dreaming about a baby or small giraffe signifies that at this moment you are not able to make your dreams and plans come true.”
  • “An image of a giraffe in your dream may also stand for the fact that you’re very tired of your current life. What you need is changes. Any changes. They can be both material and immaterial.”
  • “When a giraffe appears in your dream for no apparent reason, then the symbolism of this dream is much stronger. If you had a dream about a giraffe this means your adventure spirit has woken. You have been in one place too long and you feel like you need to break out of your everyday chains.”
  • “The giraffe is a symbol of the ability to see things differently than others in your life. It suggests that you are able to see both sides of an issue and can reach a decision on that basis beyond what other people may be able to see or do.”

Giraffes are also connected to clairvoyance.  And dreams that take place in a zoo :

  •  “the restraint of an animal is symbolic of the restraint of primal instincts.  In a dream, this connects to those urges that our thinking, rational mind keeps beneath the surface of our consciousness.”
  • “Whatever qualities you ascribe to the zoo animal, it is those qualities that live in yourself which are being compartmentalized by your psyche and exhibited in your dream.”

And perhaps most telling –

  • “If safety is the issue of your dream, you might want to look at how fear of losing control may be constraining your freedom.”

If you know me, about what my life is like now and what it has been in the past, then it is easy enough to unwrap this dream.

7 thoughts on “Sometimes they are spot on

    1. I didn’t share MY interpretation of my dream. I’ve amended the post to indicate that the interpretations stated are quotes, I made the error of thinking people would know that, sorry for the confusion, my fault entirely.

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  1. Very interesting. From what you’ve talked about in the past it seems that this would make perfect sense too.
    Lately I dream a lot but when I wake up, although I know I had been dreaming I can’t tell you a single thing about that dream. When I do remember my dreams they almost always involve work in one way or another. Either I’m there or I’m with the people that I work with.

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  2. Hmmmm….interesting analysis. I like dream interpretation. But…in some way, is it like horoscopes?? You see what you want to see in them? I don’t know. Just wondering.

    I dream a lot about going back to old jobs. One from long ago and one from the most recent office scenario. I like to think about those dreams, what it means with all the changes that have happened since I left. But why do I dream about returning all the time?? I am going to have to look that up today.

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    1. Horoscopes are bull shit LOL But dreams and dream interpretations, ah! Now we are talking about brain activity – a real thing. And symbolism – and wow is THAT a topic. Going with the theory that dreams are a way for the brain to process daily activities and thoughts – dreaming about old jobs – unfinished business perhaps? Emotional connections not fully dealt with?

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