The funnest morning.

There is a social network called Nextdoor and somehow I got connected to it and signed up for my neighborhood. Recently a young woman posted that she needed to interview people over 70 years of age for a graduate school (social work) project. I answered that I would be happy to talk to her. Hell, I would be happy to talk to ANYONE.

She called this morning and we chatted over Facetime. It was great and of course I probably babbled because – I never get to talk to anyone and I’m lonely. And I love to tawk. And tawk…

I think I may skew her data a bit because if her other respondents are from this part of the world then their lives were a whole helluva lot different from mine because, let’s face it, New York City is a whole helluva lot different from Virginia!

Anyway, anyway – there was a lot we didn’t discuss in that call, things that are important – but then I don’t know what the young woman’s focus is for her project.

Oh well, it was fun. And that’s the most important thing – Fun!

Okey dokey then – I deleted the paragraphs that referred to the whole phone number/Facetime thing. Y’all took that very personally, and your comments are very sweet in your declining the opportunity – I was kinda joking. And there is nothing stopping me from emailing (not even calling, God Forbid!) those folks who had my old number…

12 thoughts on “The funnest morning.

  1. Well, if you wanna have a call…let’s do it!! We can talk about all the stuff we disagree on. Hahaha! Okay…I will have to set that up on the Ipad. Send me your # in FB Messenger.

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  2. Nothing personal, dear Grace. I just hate, loathe, despise talking on the phone. Add a video to it and I squirm and blood pressure rises and it’s not enjoyable for me at all. I grew up being told I’m to be seen and morning heard and have thusly over the years developed quite an insecurity for talking to people. 😦

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      1. Okay – Don’t know if you are Lisa C. who I do know, or some other Lisa who I don’t know – and quite frankly I hate talking on the phone, my hand and my ear goes numb, amongst other things, but it turns out I absolutely loved Facetime. And, – like you have the time for idle conversation LOL

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  3. That does sound like a fun project and I’m sure she enjoyed talking with you! I don’t have Facetime since I don’t have any Apple products – oh wait, I do have an iPod touch that might have it. Anyway, I’d love to Facetime with you if I could! I love to listen to you tawk!

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