Things I say

Mickey Mouse does not refer to the Disney character but rather something “ too easy, small, ineffective, or unimportant to be taken seriously” or something “annoyingly petty”  (Merriam-Webster dictionary).

As sure as God made little green apples – just means ‘absolutely certain’. For additional emphasis it can sometimes be prefaced by the phrase mark my words because...

Non-sequiturs (a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement.) that are always fun and which I’ve used in the last week:

No soap, radio – which is actually the punch line to an unfunny joke and has an entry in the Urban Dictionary and is, I guess, the epitome of a non-sequitur.

Why not, can’t dance – I thought I would find some reference to this but no, Google came up with nothing.  It’s totally meaningless, a reply or response when a person announces, apropos of nothing at all, that they are going to do some particular thing.

And there are things I say just because I like the way they sound – like apropos (click the word for the meaning and pronunciation – there’s a little sound icon). I use the word in the phrase ‘apropos of nothing at all’ as a not very smooth segue from one topic to another. (Or in a description of someone doing just that – see above, ‘Why not, can’t dance’)

Ah, I almost forgot deathless remark .  I used that yesterday in an email. It is used ironically when referring to something said, or written, that is trite, hackneyed or obvious (and far from deathless!)

I should keep a running list of the odd, and often archaic, words and phrases that I use, and love.  Words amuse me, so why not share my amusement.

6 thoughts on “Things I say

  1. Grace, I like your sharing of expressions you use– language fascinates me, too. While I am familiar with most on this list, I have to admit that when your posted “No soap– radio” on acebook the other day I had no clue. So thank you for bringing me into the loop. Or is the joke on me?

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    1. I was so surprised when I found several entries for ‘no soap, radio’! I think there is a wikipedia entry too. I remember pulling that prank when I was a kid. I don’t honestly remember if I thought it was funny but nowadays when I have need to remind G that he is asking me ridiculous questions it is a handy response.


  2. We have a lot of sayings in our family…most come from movies or situations where someone said something silly…and we use them all the time. Most people don’t get our references, but I don’t try to explain them.

    Example: A flat, monotoned “Awesome. Wow.” comes from Hamilton, the musical. It’s a slam, but people don’t get it.

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