So here we are

back in the dreaded ‘holiday season’.  I will go to my grave believing that: If you think Christmas is a religious holiday, then just go to church. If you think it is an obligation to spend money you don’t have to buy ‘presents’ for people you don’t like – please stop. Nobody really wants that crap present anyway.

Of course we just had Thanksgiving – a national exercise in hubris. And all that bland ‘white’ food. There is not enough garlic in the universe to make any of the stuff taste good.  There is no excuse for mashed white potatoes – none, zero, zip, nada, ninguno, NO. Gah! Yuck!

Ah, and then there is all that ‘happy family’ mishegoss. I’m not gonna beat that dead horse.

Christmas moves swiftly to New Year’s – which can best be described as an excuse to get get drunk and screw. Oh yeah, and make promises to yourself that you won’t keep because they are un-keepable.

I just keep wondering – that’s 3 days – what the hell are all you people doing the other 362 days of the year? NOT – going to church, eating well, spending time with people you like, giving a gift just because, making a decision to improve your life, one step at a time, hell, just being happy. That’s what you’re all not doing the other 362 days of the year?

You don’t need a special day to be a good person or live a good life. And if you need a reminder to do so and be so then just read the obituary column every day. THAT should be enough of a reminder to live NOW. Today. ENJOY. Today. LOVE. Today. Eat the goddamn donut. Today.

I’m not dismissing all those duties and obligations that are necessary – like work, ’cause where you gonna get the money to pay the rent and buy the donuts. But pick and choose those duties and obligations.

My best advice – Learn to say no. Slam those doors. Burn those bridges. Then, then – you can say yes, open new doors and build new bridges and skip happily across.

(Well didn’t this little rant go all over the place. But I think I covered everything…)

20 thoughts on “So here we are

  1. Your little rant ended up exactly where it was supposed to end up! I completely agree with everything you said – well, except the mashed potatoes because I like them but only if they’re made with Yukon gold potatoes. Lol! Being present, being engaged, not feeling obligated and saying no to crap you don’t want to do, eliminating toxic people from your life – I wholeheartedly believe in this! I lived the some day, one day, if only this or that then I’d be happy life far too long but no more! It’s not selfish, it’s self care and it feels awesome! Love this rant and love you, Grace!

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    1. I didn’t actually plan to end up where I ended up LOL But then I rarely plan a whole post, you know me and my ping-pong brain. I start rolling along and just roll all the hell over the place. But I do HATE the hypocrisy of the ‘holidays’. I just feel like this crap is getting shoved down my throat and people demand, DEMAND, that I be happy and participate. Well, you know what, I’m not gonna be all happy, happy, I’m gonna go out in the yard and eat worms!


  2. Your rant was almost spot-on.

    Dislike garlic (more for you) and love mashed potatoes. Preferably White Rose, but Russet will do in a pinch. 😉 We enjoyed baked potatoes this year–everyone could select their own toppings.

    Learning to say NO was a very long lesson. Fifty years long. As Beaded Tail noted, the freedom to refuse things/others when they are detrimental to one’s well-being is important. I sincerely hope others learn that lesson much earlier in life!

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  3. I’m with everyone else. I agree with it all except the mashed potatoes. I love em especially if you’ve got gravy to go with them.
    I have gotten to the point where I just don’t enjoy the holidays any more though. I suppose the way they were years ago was what I loved and I just don’t care for what they have turned into

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  4. around where i live in SoCal, some of the local hardware stores had christamas decorations on the floor before halloween was over. the day after thanksgiving, christmas songs were already being played on the radio and just today, saturday, i saw cars with christamas tress on their tops being transported to someones home. holidays? just another excuse for business to take our money. the meaning of any of the holidays have been lost long ago.

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  5. I DEMAND that you be happy. But participation is optional, even on the mashed potatoes.

    (And we should all do the right thing 365 or 366 as the case requires; but not because we should; just because it is the right thing to do.)

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    1. Optional to a point dear David – crawling into a hole for two months is just not an option LOL And yes, – Do the right thing. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you – why is that so hard to do?


  6. So I’m wondering how you’d feel about cheesy garlic mashed potatoes? My son invented them. Just add as much grated cheese and crushed garlic as you like while mashing the cooked potatoes.
    I’ve always loved mashed potatoes, but not that awful, gluey, instant stuff that comes as dried flakes and you mix it with boiling water and a bit of butter. Ugh.

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    1. Um, hon – your son didn’t invent anything – people have been putting garlic and cheese in mashed potatoes since time began! When garlic mashed potatoes became a ‘thing’ some years ago I kinda scratched my head on that because 70 years ago, on the rare occasion we had mashed potatoes, they always had garlic in them! Actually boiled the potatoes with a huge amount of garlic then just mashed the garlic right back into the potatoes. I’m Italian, we put garlic in everything! Also we use the leftover mashed potatoes (and there was always leftover mashed potatoes because no one really liked them) were used to make cheese stuffed mashed potato patties.


    1. Ah, I saw this comment after I had answered your first comment – Again, not a new thing, my mother always did that except she added a layer of cheese INSIDE the pattie – put a layer of potato in your palm, add a slice of cheese, cover with another layer of potato, fry in butter – Yup, been there, done that. Spanish people make something called a relleno de Papa – Italians make a similar item with rice – called, oddly enough, rice balls LOL


  7. My human has a recipe for mashed potatoes that includes LOTS of garlic and butter – even you might like it! She’s kind of a Thanksgiving traditionalist. Christmas – to her it’s secular and anything she does regarding it includes a big dose of irony and a lot of close friends. I won’t get into the New Year’s Eve part, but while she does not like Jimmy Buffet, she doesn’t think he is wrong.

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    1. I can’t stand the texture of mashed potatoes and there is not enough garlic, cheese, butter in the universe to make them even remotely interesting to me. I bet your human may have been the only person to click on that link LOL When my husband had a DJ business he always played this song as the party was winding down. He did play it at weddings as well but always VERY late in the reception and one time the couple requested that as their ‘first dance’ song and he had to talk them out of it LOL


  8. Learning to say no is very important, as well as learning when you can’t say no. I love THanksgiving and Christmas, food, family and friends…hard to beat! Mash potatos not my favorite, but with gravy is pretty good, love stuffing and the dark meat. The best is leftovers the next day, Turkey on white with mayo, cranberry sauce (from the can) and stuffing…MMMM good!

    As for the rest of the year, yep enjoy them all as best you can, and eat a donut now and then is fine, but too many and you cut down on all those good days to enjoy.

    Nice post, a random rand is good for the soul.


  9. I come from a Polish/Lithuanian heritage and potatoes are “soul” food for us. Comes from the history of famine all those many years ago, so creativity (or not, really) with potatoes as a meal was necessity. And there is no garlic to be found in any of these dishes. I’m used to that.

    I’m pretty good at saying no and not doing what I don’t want to do. There are a few minor tweaks that need to be done, but I’m not up for pissing off any more folks at the moment. BUT…I have no problem saying goodbye to those in my life that demand that I do for them on their schedule. That is why the holidays are just the 4 of us now. Much easier AND we look forward to them. Not all the work though.

    Getting everyone together for 4 days is hard to do other times of the year, so the holidays are a good time to use those paid holiday and vacation days to eat, drink and be merry together. The problem for me is that everyone else is doing the same thing at the same time and they get in my way at the stores. Hahaha!

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    1. Well we Eye-talians have macaroni – tho I have never been much of a spaghetti bender, or for that matter a bread eater. Maybe I’m just not into starch – tho the texture of mashed potatoes kinda makes me gag, and then they are white and bland…No. Just no. Yams and sweet potatoes are a whole ‘nother conversation tho – Love them things.

      I go to a brick and mortar store once a week and that’s enough to drive me around the bend – what is with people? So damn annoying…


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