Cat Bookends

Someone once noted that when you have two cats they will often mirror each other when napping.

In other news – I got my Christmas cards back from the printer and in my humble opinion they are awesome. I think the photo could have used a bit more tweaking, but still, really nice. The inside of the card came out super too. I am well pleased and I hope the folks who receive a card will enjoy it.

Monday starts the bathroom renovation, it should take about a week, which means for 5 days I will have to shower in the coffin that is the shower in the other bathroom – not looking forward to that. All the little doodads that I need for the new bathroom will be dribbling in over the next few days – new bath rug, shower mat, over the door towel rack because there is only one towel rack in that bathroom and no place to put another and since the two of us will now be using that bathroom – well, needed somewhere to put another towel. The sink/vanity set-up will be interesting to watch come together. I’ll have to remember to take before and after photos. Like everything else I do it will be  bit odd.

I had a second interview yesterday with the young woman doing a project for her social work degree. I’m still not sure what she was looking for and I don’t know if she got it. I’d love to know where I fit in.

As to the kitty bookends, Frankie flipped herself around and we got a ditto on the cat nap.

10 thoughts on “Cat Bookends

  1. BB looks twice her size! I’m glad they love their new couch! 🙂

    Hope the bathroom remodel goes smoothly. Five days sounds fast but they did your kitchen fast so I expect the bathroom to be quick too. It’ll be nice to have yet another room made just for you!

    Can’t wait to see your cards! I put our photo card together quickly and I should’ve taken more time on it but I’m pretty happy with it. Now I need to do our Christmas letter. That’s the tough part for me. I should’ve been doing it this week since I’m not doing much of anything else but I haven’t felt up to it. The week’s not over yet though I guess.

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    1. There really isn’t much to the bathroom reno – take out the bathtub and tile surround, then do the install of the waterproofing, tile floor, tile surround and showerhead and grab bars and doors. Sink and vanity get pulled out, they will build a frame and then the granite counter top with sink gets put on frame, install the shelf and re-hang the mirror – sounds like a lot but really not…The kitchen delay was due to the countertop company not being able to get access to the building!!!

      I think BB is MORE than 1/2 the size of Frankie – she is just a little bit of a thing, lord love her!


    1. Yes they are – tho when sharing the bed with us there is often much hissing and yowling. If BB is already on the couch Miss Frankie gets on there very, VERY cautiously.


  2. They look so cute curled up on their ends of the couch. I had 2 cats at one time but can’t remember if they ever did things like that or not.
    There’s nothing odd about making your space fit your likes and wants.

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    1. We could go the ‘cookie-cutter’ route but we have chosen not to – to hell with re-sale value, we have to live here NOW. So we will have 2 bathrooms with showers, no tub. The ‘master bath” will not have a traditional vanity, ask me if I care LOL Same with the kitchen – no white shaker cabinets! God, I hate Shaker style cabinets. I hate white cabinets. Also no stainless appliances, also no *gag* subway tiles. All that may be what ‘people’ want but it’s not what I want, therefore –


  3. It’s nice that you have another full (kind of) bath while you reno your main one. We didn’t have that option, so Brian had to rig up the tub so we could at least take a bath each day. Like any project—it will be lovely when it is done. Be sure to put a light in your shower. BEST thing we ever did. Sharla recommended that to us when we did our bathroom.

    The kitties are so cute! Mine just cannot be that close for some reason.

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    1. The hall bath is probably larger than the ‘master bath’ – it has the coffin shower, large vanity and commode and probably more square footage. The ‘master bath’ has a 29 inch niche for the sink in a kind of foyer area, and then there is a tiny separate room just wide enough for a tub/shower and commode with the minimal amount of clearance (less than a foot) between the the tub and commode and about 6 inches from the commode to the other wall. You have to close the door to the room to use the commode! I had overhead lights put in the shower/tub in the house in Philly, it’s not doable here but also is not necessary because there are 2 overhead lights in the tiny room – and it being as tiny as it is they are more than enough to provide adequate lighting plus we will have glass doors on the shower.

      The hall bath has always been our ‘main’ bathroom – I only use the ‘master bath’ to shower in – once it is done G and I will both use that shower and probably the sink area, I designed the sink area so we will have enough counter space for all our stuff. The hall bathroom will be used for the cats litter box, which is currently in an empty closet next to the sink niche and of course we will use the commode in the hall bath as the main one and the commode in the master bath as the secondary back-up one because – well – see above LOL I will have to take photos so you’ll see what I’m talking about.


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