The funnest morning.

There is a social network called Nextdoor and somehow I got connected to it and signed up for my neighborhood. Recently a young woman posted that she needed to interview people over 70 years of age for a graduate school (social work) project. I answered that I would be happy to talk to her. Hell, I would be happy to talk to ANYONE.

She called this morning and we chatted over Facetime. It was great and of course I probably babbled because – I never get to talk to anyone and I’m lonely. And I love to tawk. And tawk…

I think I may skew her data a bit because if her other respondents are from this part of the world then their lives were a whole helluva lot different from mine because, let’s face it, New York City is a whole helluva lot different from Virginia!

Anyway, anyway – there was a lot we didn’t discuss in that call, things that are important – but then I don’t know what the young woman’s focus is for her project.

Oh well, it was fun. And that’s the most important thing – Fun!

Okey dokey then – I deleted the paragraphs that referred to the whole phone number/Facetime thing. Y’all took that very personally, and your comments are very sweet in your declining the opportunity – I was kinda joking. And there is nothing stopping me from emailing (not even calling, God Forbid!) those folks who had my old number…

Sometimes they are spot on

Dreams – No one knows why we dream or the exact function of dreaming. I’ve lifted this bit from Scientific American “Some consider this loose making of connections to be a random process, in which case dreams would be basically meaningless. The Contemporary Theory of Dreaming holds that the process is not random, however, and that it is instead guided by the emotions of the dreamer.

I’ve never put much stock in the meaning of dreams except, occasionally, when they are so strongly linked to something real in my life.  Otherwise, I just go along with the theory that dreams are a way for the brain to sort out the days happenings, keep what’s useful, dispose of the rest.

Friday night I had the most vivid dream – twice. So vivid that it is with me still. I dreamt of giraffes! Giraffes – they are beautiful no doubt but typically not a part of my daily consciousness. My wonderment and confusion led me to look up the meaning of dreaming about giraffes and son-of-a-gun there is a boatload of material.

Let me tell you the dream…

Baby giraffe behind a low fence, Mama giraffe in the near background. I am talking to the baby giraffe “It’s much safer for you here at the zoo. You are protected and no one can hurt you.” The baby giraffe is listening but he has his head down.

I woke up for a bathroom break, went right back to sleep and had the same dream except this time I was saying to the baby giraffe “I know, I know – you want to be free. You want to run across the veldt but the lions can eat you and the hunters will shoot you. You’re safe here”

And now, various interpretations I gathered from numerous sources:

  • “Dreaming about a baby or small giraffe signifies that at this moment you are not able to make your dreams and plans come true.”
  • “An image of a giraffe in your dream may also stand for the fact that you’re very tired of your current life. What you need is changes. Any changes. They can be both material and immaterial.”
  • “When a giraffe appears in your dream for no apparent reason, then the symbolism of this dream is much stronger. If you had a dream about a giraffe this means your adventure spirit has woken. You have been in one place too long and you feel like you need to break out of your everyday chains.”
  • “The giraffe is a symbol of the ability to see things differently than others in your life. It suggests that you are able to see both sides of an issue and can reach a decision on that basis beyond what other people may be able to see or do.”

Giraffes are also connected to clairvoyance.  And dreams that take place in a zoo :

  •  “the restraint of an animal is symbolic of the restraint of primal instincts.  In a dream, this connects to those urges that our thinking, rational mind keeps beneath the surface of our consciousness.”
  • “Whatever qualities you ascribe to the zoo animal, it is those qualities that live in yourself which are being compartmentalized by your psyche and exhibited in your dream.”

And perhaps most telling –

  • “If safety is the issue of your dream, you might want to look at how fear of losing control may be constraining your freedom.”

If you know me, about what my life is like now and what it has been in the past, then it is easy enough to unwrap this dream.

Don’t bother reading this, it’s a confused mess and now my head hurts…

Lots of people read the newspaper and get annoyed. I know I do, but what annoys me probably doesn’t even register for anyone else.

I don’t read the ‘front’ of the paper because my blood pressure is high enough. I see blurbs all day on the internet and if some headline catches my attention I will go to the source and read more completely. My husband watches the local news and then the world news every night. I’m usually making dinner at that time and will usually shout out to him “Wait till you hear what the asshole did today”.  Understand, the current political climate aside, I worked in commercial real estate in New York City in the 70’s and 80’s and had business dealing with the asshole, so my contempt pre-dates his current assholery.

So, moving on.

My local paper is The Washington Post. On Friday there was an extensive obituary for Roy Clark.  Sixth paragraph in starts “Raised in Washington…” My natural assumption is that he was raised in Washington state but but further on I read “Roy Linwood Clark was born in Meherrin, Va., on April 15, 1933, and grew up near a pig farm in Southeast Washington. His father, a laborer who later worked for Department of Health, Education and Welfare, played the guitar, fiddle and banjo in a square-dance group, and took him to performances by military bands and the National Symphony Orchestra.”  Oho! Do you see what annoyed me here? The ‘Washington’ the obituary writer is referring to is Washington, D.C. But he doesn’t say that – he simply says ‘Washington’. Is that an indication of chauvinism or ignorance?

Interestingly enough is that an NPR obituary is almost word for word identical to the Washington Post obituary except for the geographical description – “Born Roy Linwood Clark on April 15, 1933, in Meherrin, Va., he grew up mostly in Washington, D.C., and gained a love of all kinds of music early on. His father, who played in a square dance band, took him to see the National Symphony Orchestra and military bands.” (emphasis added)

This morning, reading a review of a tv show, I came across this sentence “Lurid, sordid, sensational — it all means the same thing anymore, in the era of fast-traveling viral news and video clips.”  My brain snapped to attention at the use of the word ‘anymore’.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that word used without a negative nearby, a ‘not’ or a ‘don’t’ in close proximity. Comprehending that the writer meant ‘nowadays’ or ‘these days’ and not trusting my own judgement in grammar and usage matters, I looked up the word ‘anymore’. Sure enough, the second meaning of ‘anymore’ is: “at the present time NOWNOWADAYS” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. 

I don’t think I was consciously aware of that usage of ‘anymore’. Confusing it with the phrase ‘any more’, two words, meaning ‘no longer’.  I was wrong, the writer was correct and I learned something by checking it out.

(Oh my word – before hitting publish on this I did further research into the anymore/any more usage,  any more referring to quantity and anymore referring to time and I am now a tad confused. Archaic usage vs common usage – it’s like learning a new language – make no assumptions. Plus various sources contradict each other and my head hurts!)

Not sure what the lesson is here. I’ve had the nasty reputation of always being right and I’ve had to explain to people that before I say something IS, I try to make damn sure that it IS.  Perhaps fear of being embarrassed, fear of failure makes me cautious in shooting off my mouth, opinions aside, facts are facts and I like my facts to be factual.

The internet makes it so easy to check it out, whatever ‘it’ may be. Three cheers for the internet, it has saved me from embarrassing myself, not completely of course, because I am so good at self-embarrassment, but enough so that I can sleep a little better at night.


Well it’s a gosh darn beautiful day

The total yecch that was Thursday, became a Friday that dawned bright and sunny and dry, warming up nicely but still Winter-ish. We did our grocery shopping today instead of Thursday because the weather was so nasty, and therefore we missed out on our 5% senior discount, and this was a soda week too – oh well.

It’s so gorgeous today I think I’mma gonna walk up to the little market to get eggs. I know, you’re saying “But Grace you already went to the grocery store today” but the eggs in Harris Teeter are twice as expensive as at the little market. At the little market a dozen jumbo eggs from a local supplier is $2.29, at Harris Teeter a dozen large eggs from 2 or 3 states away are $4.49+ so you can see why I prefer the little market.

I don’t do holidays, particularly family type holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think both are a crock of nonsense. And then of course there is my whole family history so, you know, no fond memories.  When I worked it was nice getting all that paid time off but now I am retired and one day is pretty much like every other – every day is a paid day off.  That said…

I do like sending Christmas cards.I like getting them.  I like designing them. Okay, I just like cards in general, snail mailed of course. Last year’s card was very popular and I was hard pressed to top that this year. I don’t think I have but I designed a very nice card (I think), bright and cheerful and fun, so I’m happy.

Waiting in front of my building this morning for our Uber, I noticed that the two scraggly rose bushes on either side of the entrance still were blooming – the last gasp. Poor little frostbitten roses, determined to live and add their beauty to the world. Bless their little hearts!

OMG – How much beauteousness can you put in one package?

Y’all remember my friend Lin? Well let me tell ya – whooshies – but that woman knows how to knock it out of the park!

On FaceBook  I was kvetching that our ancient (but fancy) Scrabble game came a cropper insofar as the faux leather bag that holds the tiles disintegrated – literally. It became a pile of brown faux leather powder. I said I would have to hunt around the interwebz to try and find something to replace it. The Amazing Miss Lin says “Don’t buy anything. I’m taking my sewing machine out tomorrow and I’ll make you one.”

The package came today. My husband asked me if I was going to keep the big padded envelope it came in because – Miss Lin has always had beautiful handwriting, then she took a calligraphy course, and here is a little taste of her talent –

Now see that beautiful card? That is handmade by Lin’s cousin!

As for the bag – it’s made out of denim, and when the drawstring close didn’t work, Lin sewed in a velcro closure –

But wait! There’s more – Lin actually lined the bag! Remember this is just for Scrabble tiles – take a look at this –
Couldn’t ya just die from the cute?

And aren’t I just besides myself with happy-happy-joy-joy because – Look how beautiful everything is, including the envelope! And aren’t I just so damn thankful to have Miss Lin in my life – YES, I AM!

Silly Kitty

I am always taken aback when I see Miss Frankie lounging on the back of my husband’s super gigantic recliner. I asked my husband how she gets up there and his answer was

Floor to step stool to couch ➡︎ along couch to table between couch and recliner ➡︎ from table to desk behind recliner ➡︎ from desk to top of recliner.

(Oh, here’s the step stool the cats use to get on the couch…plus BB)

Miscellaneous Mishegoss #737.4

scratching-catCan you love a financial institution? I’ve had a Capital One credit card for umpteen million years and two years ago I opened a Capital One Savings account for a place to dump my social security check (a woman should always have a bank account in her name only). The money has just been sitting in there until recently when I needed some of it and discovered that I could only transfer a small amount at a time into our joint checking/savings at the credit union. There just happens to be a brick and mortar Capital One Bank near us and we popped over last week to get something notarized and by-the-way open a checking account. The young woman was so thoughtful, helpful and gracious and also by-the-way she and I share the same birthday (not year of course.) Anyway, managing all my Capital One accounts is just so easy-peasy and their customer service is so great (as are their security systems) and everything is free and I get interest on every penny – well, I just love them.

scratching-catLast June we were discussing buying a mattress on-line and we went round and round and decided not to but I saw an ad in Sunday’s paper, checked out the web site and I am so pulling the trigger on this – finally. I’ll put in the order either late today or first thing tomorrow morning because they have two to three day white glove delivery and hubby won’t be home Wednesday morning to help me wrangle all this and you know, just as sure as God made little green apples, if I had put in the order over the weekend the delivery would wind up being on Wednesday morning. It’s a hybrid mattress – a layer of memory foam, a layer of cooling gel (or something like that) and then the standard, old fashioned individually wrapped coils. A 100% memory foam mattress (like Tempurpedic) is like sleeping on a rock – been there, done that. Plus they are so heavy. I used to trash my back just making the bed, lifting the corners of mattress to get the sheets on killed me. And there is no give in those things, and quite frankly they smell. Of course nowadays I believe they make them with some kind newfangled eco-friendly foam but still.

scratching-catOnly 2 more weeks until the the bathroom renovation! Yeah, I know, we are spending money like drunken sailors but it is necessary. I’ve given up on the notion that I will win the lottery, second prize only thank you, and we would be able to move to a better location and therefore a more modern apartment. So that’s why all the renovations – looks like we will be here for the long haul and after six years of grossness and inconvenience, not to mention safety issues with the bathroom – it’s so time. Past time.

scratching-catAh, and I have a bit of a dilemma about my Christmas cards.  I have totally run out of ideas. I design my own and have them printed by Last year I used my “Poem for Lin” and everybody loved it to pieces and I have no ideas for this year and I doubt I could top that one. But time is passing quickly and I have to get on this…What to do, what to do, what to do…