Demolition Day

I was up at o’dark-thirty so I could shower and dress before the reno company got here to start work on the bathroom. When they were here doing the kitchen, the first day they got here around 9am and I assumed, incorrectly it seemed, that they would be here the same time today. I really like this company and Chavo does fabulous work but there is a major problem with management and their lack of communication. This is a condo building and we have a service elevator which happens to be the only way to get to the underground garage from inside the building. So when people reserve the elevator for any reason tenants are somewhat inconvenienced since they then have to go outside, walk around the building, to access the garage from outside. Boo-hoo, you say, well, we have a lot of elderly tenants and we have some disabled tenants, so not being able to access the garage via the elevator IS a real inconvenience. What has this to do with anything?

I reserved the service elevator for 2 hours this morning – 9am to 11am so the contractor could bring in tools and supplies. I told them weeks ago that I was doing that and was the time correct. They responded that the timing was fine. Today they showed up at 10am – which meant that for an hour, while people were still leaving for work, the elevator to the garage was unavailable when it COULD HAVE been free to use.  Plus of course, I was expecting them at 9am. When I was finally able to get in touch with management, one guy tells me “My bad, I should have let you know what time we were coming” Ya think? Then I get another call from some other dude who tells me “We never give clients an exact time the first day. We tell them it will usually be between 9:30 and 11am” I keep telling him, first, no one told me jack and second, the first time they were here they arrived at 9am and I just naturally assumed, NOT having been told anything different, that they would be here at 9am again. Dude, kept saying the same shit over and over, and I kept repeating my same shit over and over. So pissed off, you have no idea.

But, the same fellow who did my kitchen is doing my bathroom so I know, going forward, that everything will be perfect!

Now, for the gross part – my current bathroom. The idiots who ‘renovated’ this place prior to it being put up for sale, PAINTED THE BATHTUB. This is a 55 year old bathtub. The first time I used it, I put down a bathmat and when I picked up the mat the paint came with it. Oh yeah, the bathtub/shower is in a tiny separate room with the commode – and the only way you can use the commode it to close the door. The commode is staying, and the tub and surround is coming out and they will be installing a shower with sliding doors. How Chavo is working in that tiny space is beyond me and the whole apartment is shaking right now even as I type. (The thingy on the side of the tub is a screw-on handle I needed to get in and out of the tub – the only safety hold I had. The new shower will have grab bars!)

Now you might be wondering where is the sink and the vanity? Ah, that is in a little alcove in front of the bathtub room – When we bought the place it had a pedestal sink – and you know how ugly and useless those are. I had that vanity installed 5 years ago, and besides being small it blocks access to the shower water shut-off valves. The alcove is 29.75 inches wide. I am having a granite top installed that will go from wall-to-wall, a shelf over the sink, a single-hole faucet, and under the sink will be open. I’ve bought a rolling cart with drawers that will fit under the sink. (To the right of the alcove is a closet, to the left is the bathtub room.)

I don’t know what it was with architects 55 years ago – the apartments in this building have large rooms, small kitchens and miniscule bathrooms. The bathrooms are ridiculous. The shower in the hall bath is smaller than a coffin. I compared the size of coffins to the size of the hall bath shower, and THE SHOWER IS SMALLER. I’ll be using the coffin-shower all week and I’m not thrilled but it is a small price to pay for the super nice shower (with grab bars) that I will have in 5 days.

I didn’t go fancy with the shower – it’s just basic white tiles, a niche to hold shampoo and soap. Decent shower head that can be used as a handheld or stationary, the sliding doors are a bit fancy because my husband liked the fancy one, hey, it was just $250 more than the standard sliding doors, so what the hell, the man should have what he wants, he’s paying for it! And 3 grab bars, so it will be safe. We are old, we are wobbly, safe is important.




14 thoughts on “Demolition Day

    1. My friend Sharla always uses that time designation – she gets up at ungodly hours to go to Boot Camp workouts. And yes, there is bathtub paint, just like there is special paint for stoves! Usually the stuff is used to just touch up little nicks or scratches not do the whole damn thing! The people who owned this place before us were elderly and only lived here for a few months of the year, when they died one of their kids had the place “renovated” so it could be sold and we were the fools who bought it. Everything was done half-ass and on the cheap and there is really no way to know that until you live in the place and shit starts falling apart in your hands!


  1. Bathtub painting is a lame alternative for those who do not want to replace the tub. It does not last, I don’t care how good your “guy” is. I’ve had more than one person suggest that to us prior to our renovating our bathroom a couple of years ago. Thanks, but no thanks.

    I would be pissed about the start time too. They should know that the homeowners are anxious that first day and should show up early. Communication is always key. If you are gonna be late or not be able to be on site one day, you need to tell us that.

    Hopefully, your bathroom will go quickly. I’m sure it will. And you will love it.

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    1. I’ve been stewing over that damn painted bathtub since I moved in here – Who the hell does that? Cheap-ass people do that, that’s who. I swear to god, if I could find the people we bought this place from I would track them down and demand a chunk of money back.

      I had communication problems with them when I had the kitchen done. I grant you management did me a solid with some of the costs but this non-communication really bugs me. It’s a damn good thing their workmen are so efficient. Chavo is simply brilliant. He keeps coming to me with questions about adjustments he has to make and I just tell him “Do whatever you think is right” . Turns out we can’t have a grab bar at the front of the shower because of a pipe, so we will have a grab bar at the rear, which is where I wanted one to start with and the one along the long wall. I love Chavo!


  2. I hate getting up at o’dark thirty! Last night was our first night on our new mattress so it was even harder than usual to get up for boot camp. It didn’t help that I knew it was core day and I hate core day too. I might be in bed by 6pm tonight because I’m so excited to get back in a comfy bed!

    I would’ve been pretty mad too when they didn’t show up when expected! I was a stickler with the time our contractor showed up and he knew if he was going to be late he had to call and tell me. It’s an inconvenience having these people in our homes so out of respect they need to be on time. Especially when you’re in an apartment building so it effects everyone when the elevator is reserved! Anyway, I’m glad Chavo arrived and it’s underway. I hope it all goes smoothly. Your vanity looks like about the size of the one in our half bath downstairs. It’s tiny and not a standard size so it cost $1k to have the custom cabinet and countertop made. The tile backsplash cost $150 because I seem to have expensive taste. Oh well, I love it so it’s worth it! I’m looking forward to seeing your completed reno!

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    1. Actually that vanity is a standard size – bought it from Home Depot, I think it’s 24 inches wide. A tile backsplash for $150 – honey that is very inexpensive.

      No one informed me what time they would be arriving, I assumed that because last time they came at 9, that they would be here today at 9. And then of course I asked them if reserving the elevators from 9 to 11 was correct they said “Yes”. So, yeah, pissed off because they inconvenienced the people who live here. For me it was no big deal, but knowing what was going on – yeah, that was important. From now on Chavo will be managing everything so it will go brilliantly – he is super!

      What kind of mattress did you decide on? I know you have been looking even longer than I have…


      1. It was just 3 sheets of tile (for 7′ of backsplash) – each was $50 so I think that’s expensive! It doesn’t include the contractor’s time over an entire week it took him to install them nor does it include the trim tile which I think were $12 for each 6″ because I just remember the sticker shock over $50 a sheet of tile! The initial tile I picked was $14 a sheet but I wasn’t happy with it so changed at the last minute. Our vanity is 25.5 inches wide and I couldn’t find anything I liked but that was alright since now it’s cherry wood like the rest of the cabinets in the house.

        We got this bed: It was on a Black Friday deal so I figured it was a price that if we didn’t like it we can get something else but so far we like it. The reviews were great so I hope we continue to like it.

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        1. If you think all that was expensive then you sure don’t want to know what I paid for ‘stuff’ LOL I looked up that mattress and the price was great – I had a mattress like that and those indents and buttons really hurt. I like the flat top mattress we have now – it’s always a matter of what works for an individual person. I love our new mattress, haven’t slept so well in, well, forever!


          1. There aren’t any buttons on the mattress. It felt like sleeping on a cloud so I didn’t even notice the indents! It was the first morning in ages that my back didn’t hurt when I got up. I wish night would hurry up and get here so I can go back to sleep!

            Yes, I do think it’s ridiculous for a 12″ sheet of tile to cost $50! That’s crazy! That half bath remodel, which was really just a vanity and one custom storage drawer in the wall, cost $3k and took 4 months to complete! Our other bathrooms were $15k each so I guess $3k is pretty cheap but since I don’t even see that bathroom unless I’m leaving the house through the garage I wanted to spend half that. Thankfully it’s the last of the major remodeling that needs to be done so maybe we can have a respite from house expenses for awhile. *fingers crossed*

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            1. 4 months??? That’s crazy – They did my entire kitchen in 3 weeks – demo & everything and it would have taken a few days less but the countertop people couldn’t get access to the building for 2 days. My bathroom will only take a week – they had to demo the existing bath/shower and the tile surround, put up walls and waterproofing, re-do some plumbing and the vanity has to be taken out and I am having a custom installation done there. The demo is done, the walls and waterproofing are done, plumbing is done, tomorrow they start putting the tiles in!


    1. The tub thing makes steam come out of my ears. As for the timing all anyone had to do was freakin’ CALL ME! It’s not like they don’t have my number. Boy oh Boy did I rip that guy a new one! ‘My bad’ is not answer, or the other idiot who just kept repeating “We don’t give clients an exact time” – Jerk, you didn’t give me ANY start time. (Whoa, seems like I’m still a little pissed off LOL)


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