Even my husband agrees

that probably every woman, every where, can relate to this –

13 thoughts on “Even my husband agrees

  1. Right??!

    Before I starting working outside the home, we had this thing called “Fatima Laundry.” It was the miracle of Fatima…only I could see it! No matter how tall the laundry bin got, nobody else could see it. It used to drive me mad.

    Life is so much easier now with just Joe and I. Joe is every bit the neatnik that I am and he is a very hard worker around the house. He grocery shops, cooks, fills my car with gas. I mow the lawn, clean the house (now that I am home full time) and pay the bills. He thinks that I work harder than he does, and I think the same of him. I am blessed.

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    1. G totally believes in the magic basket, he would believe in the magic coffee table if we had a coffee table… – hell, everything is magic for G…Probably why he things this is so funny. (And yes, you are…a true partner in life.)


  2. That’s really, really funny. Thank goodness the men in my life don’t believe the housework is done by magic. They may not help much, but they do help sometimes and know perfectly well how everything gets done without them noticing.


  3. My human totally does not relate. She has managed to escape this kind of mentality. The guys in her life have always been on their own for laundry, dishes, and such (including bed making – she usually does not bother even making her side!), and a housekeeping service picks up the slack. She will not pick up a finger no matter how bad it gets because it is clearly a slippery slope!

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  4. I don’t get it. 🙂 J does the laundry, cooking and dishes and both of us keep the clutter to a minimum so I can’t relate.


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