thisa and thatta

I realized yesterday that my tolerance for reading is 30 pages. That is as far as I can go in one sitting regardless of how much I like the book – 30 pages.

Last night I noticed how interesting the trees looked as the sun was setting, the light being just so. This morning I decided to mess with the photos – some I added shadows, some I added clarity, some I added vibrance – so here are a bunch of photos that have been thoroughly ‘messed’ with…

10 thoughts on “thisa and thatta

  1. Oh how beautiful…. messed with or not! What program do you use to enhance your photos, Grace? I used to use PicMonkey. I subscribed for $12/yr because I thought that was well worth it. But I got a statement from a charge card that we don’t use anymore and had a $0 balance and noticed that PicMonkey charged me $48… without so much as an email (and they do have my correct email address cos that’s what I use to log-in) asking permission or notifying me they were going to charge me. So I promptly called the charge card people, they removed the charge, and so now I’m sure I will be banned from PicMonkey. Anyway, I’m on the lookout for a free online photo editing site and thought I would ask.

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    1. I use quite a few, some I have purchased and they are on my computer (like Snapseed) but the best FREE on-line photo editor is: You can do most anything with it. One of the things I like about it is you can adjust just one tiny part of a photo. This commenting system doesn’t allow me insert a photo in the comment box so I can’t show you – but they do have an option to take a ‘tour’ and they give you some insight on how to use the various tools.

      Also has some awesomely cool tools, you can even animate photos…it is also free. Have fun!

      As for PicMonkey, you might have inadvertently allowed ‘auto renew’ when you originally signed up. I got caught on that with Vimeo…


  2. beautiful! And I get bored more easily reading now, too. I think it might be because it’s a Kindle/Fire, BUT I love the device. I just can’t seem to focus to read on it as long as I used to be able to with old fashioned real books. But I’d never go back!

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    1. I seem to get antsy and want to not be sitting still, makes no difference whether paper or computer, 30 pages and I just have to get up and move around. I noticed this because I have several books “open” at the moment and all are bookmarked at some multiple of 30 …it’s kinda funny.


  3. Your photo manipulation/enhancement is interesting. Something to look forward to some day!

    Grace, your body probably is telling you not to sit too long at one time when you aren’t able to read more than 30 pages or so in one sitting. Your body is much more intelligent than mine. I have to set reminders to get up and move!

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    1. Age and disability has limited my movement capabilities but I still THINK I can be as active as I used to be – a big disconnect between my wants/needs and my abilities.


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