Not having my best day

I was asleep last night by 10:30pm but up and awake at 11:45pm because – my husband snoring. So I got up and watched “Younger” and crocheted away on a new sofa blankie for Miss Frankie. My husband got up around 4am and I got back to sleep around 4:30am and then awake at 7am so I could shower and dress before Chavo got here.

So I’m a little tired and irritable. (And some of you are thinking, “What does tired have to do with you being irritable, aren’t you always irritable?”)

I’ve been anxiety-ridden and testy all week. This 4-5 day bathroom renovation has been more aggravating than the 3-week kitchen renovation. I suppose because it started out badly with the complete lack of communication from the reno company. That lack of communication continues through today, and I expect tomorrow and who knows perhaps through to next Monday.

The shower will be finished today, and Chavo will build the frame for the countertop and sink, hang the shelf and the mirror and then…we wait for the countertop people to come with the countertop and sink and then we wait for someone to come to install the faucet. I have no time-line for the countertop/faucet install because – who the hell knows why. Because no one knows? Because no one cares? Because even if someone knows they can’t be bothered telling me?

I’m glad that I requested Chavo to do the bathroom, he is the gentleman who did the kitchen and I know his work is exemplary. If I had known that Chavo did side-work on his own I would have by-passed going through the company and hired Chavo directly to do the bathroom.

I had communication problems with this company with the kitchen and it did hold up the reno for a couple of days but this should have been a much simpler job and should have been done, completely, today, but noooo.

Management sucks but the work their skilled employees do is terrific – or at least the work Chavo does is terrific.

The shower is very, very plain and I have a tiny regret about not adding some little ‘designer’ touch but I’m sure that would have added another $1000 to the bill and you know, it’s a shower, who sees it besides me? There was a problem with the niche that holds the shampoo/soap and stuff. Because of the way the building was built the niche would only be 2.5 inches deep – not really deep enough for a soap dish but I’ve worked around that. Old buildings have their own special little quirks that in this modern day and age can cause a few problems, eh, it is what it is. Adapt, adapt, adapt.

I know I said that I was going to mail out my Christmas cards in batches, geographically, but yesterday I decided to hell with that and I put everything in the mail, which because there was no mail service yesterday, won’t get picked up until today. So if you know you are on my Christmas card list, know that you will receive your cards by early next week. I hope you like them. I’ve wanted to do a card like this for some time and I’m happy that I finally could this year.

Maybe when the bathroom is finally done and I can get this place cleaned I will drag out my Christmas decorations – which consist of my Charlie Brown tree and my jingle bell wreath. I have a Christmas music box, maybe I’ll put that out too and that will be that. I do really love the Charlie Brown tree…

Somehow the granite/countertop company got my sink/countertop done and delivered today. The bathroom will be finished today! YES!



7 thoughts on “Not having my best day

  1. Ugh. I would LOVE to be the project manager for a company like that. I am very good at coordinating, communicating and getting sh*t done. They would be happy, the customer would be happy and so would the Chavo-types too. I’m sorry that this week’s project is not going well. Thank goodness it is a small project.

    Did you talk to Chavo about side work? He may have a card. Our guy, Brian, is on his own. BUT…he is not licensed or bonded, so that may be an issue if you have to get a permit or permission from the building you are in. We could dodge that in the village by telling them we did the work ourselves. Believe it or not, they don’t have to inspect then (!!). Brian was really good about showing up on time every day…well..until the end. Then he was sick of it…and so were we…and there were days when he didn’t get here until 10:30 or so. Ugh. Hopefully you are done with big projects with that place and won’t have to worry about it.

    Be kind to yourself. This is stressful stuff!

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    1. It shouldn’t be stressful – small job really. The demo was the worst – Chavo had to smash the bathtub in half to get it out of the apartment! And it was heavy, the way they made things 55 years ago! He had a helper for 2 days but yesterday and today he is on his own – actually except for the demo Chavo worked on the kitchen all by himself. He is working himself to death here…a lot of hard, heavy work in a very tiny space. And yes, this is the last of anything I will do in this apartment, any other projects will have to wait until we move out – like re-finishing the floors!

      And yes, management’s lack of management skills make life difficult for the workmen, Chavo is a little pissed today – he couldn’t get a straight answer from the granite people about when the top/sink would be done. This job was scheduled 3 weeks ago, the granite company knew the timing but did the reno company bother to keep in touch with them to arrange for them to come and measure? I’m thinking not. I think if I hadn’t reached out to the granite company the other day they wouldn’t have come yesterday to measure and I have no idea what the countertop will look like. I told them the name of the granite in the hall bath I wanted them to match, I was told they couldn’t find it and because it is such a small piece they will be using a ‘remnant’ they have on-site that is ‘close’ but they never sent a pic of it…I would have been much better off managing this job myself – but because we have no car it would have been difficult for us to go from supplier to supplier picking out tiles, granite, faucets etc.


  2. Thank Cod for Chavo! I hope there aren’t long delays in everything else getting done and you like the granite. It’ll all be worth it even if it’s a pain in the ass now. I’m sorry you didn’t get any sleep last night. That would make me cranky, irritable and very unpleasant to be around.

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  3. Well even if management isn’t the best at least Chavo does good work. Glad to hear the work will be finished today.
    I would like to get a few Christmas cards out in the mail but not sure if I will or not. We shall see.

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    1. Oh management sucks with this company – but the granite company came through – they measured Wednesday afternoon and then Thursday afternoon (today) Bingo! countertop/sink was delivered around 1:30! I sent a gushing thank you note to the lady that owns the granite place…I am so psyched that it is all done.


  4. Hooray!! Glad it all turned out well! Granite it easy…especially if they are just using a remnant. It’s about measuring, cutting and plopping that bad boy in there!

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