Some more thisa and thatta

The bathroom is done and our complete reliance on Chavo to do everything right and wonderful, as he did in out kitchen, came back to bite us in the ass. It seems he installed the shower doors incorrectly. My husband said he noticed yesterday that it didn’t look quite right but since we trust Chavo, he didn’t mention it. When I took a shower this morning – okey-dokey, yup, installed wrong. Called the company at 12:05, and here it is 4 hours later and still no call back regarding when they are going to come and fix these doors. They have until 4:30, at which time I will call again. Can you see the steam coming out of my ears?

On a more pleasant note – the granite company that was providing my countertop/sink hadn’t communicated with me as to the color of granite or when they would be measuring/installing. Given that this is a 4-5 day job on Wednesday at approximately 1pm I emailed the company reminding them I wanted a very small sink and that I had never received the promised photo. I got an almost instant reply, chose a sink and about an hour later the measuring people showed up. Oho! Chavo (the gentleman doing all the work) asked if the top would be ready the next day (Thursday) he was told that was impossible. Maybe Friday, they said, maybe Monday. I was so NOT a happy camper. And then another surprise – Thursday around 1pm the countertop/sink was delivered and left for Chavo to install. The granite was beautiful and, while not an exact match to what I have in my other bathroom, it was close enough, and quite frankly much nicer.

As is my habit when I am pleased, I wrote an effusive ‘thank you’ email to the owner of the granite company. I typed ‘thank you’ a ridiculous number of times. An hour or so later I received a reply from her, and I quote: “Hi Grace! It’s my pleasure! Thank you very much. You just made my day! Thank you!!”   It seems she tends to the effusive as well and my point is – Yes, when things go well remember to say ‘Thank You” it just might make someone’s day. 

Here’s is a helpful hint for those of you with furry pets and upholstered furniture – a They do have a cordless model but in all honesty I think corded appliances work better. As soon as I got it out of the box I ran it over my sofa and bingo! – it worked like a charm!  You can get this item at a variety of stores for $29.99. I don’t know what you are using to de-fur your furniture  but if it isn’t working for you, give this item a whirl. 

And lastly – 

This morning I read a book review of The Traveling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa in The Washington Post.  The review ended with this question “If you could take a road trip to be reunited with just a few people from your past, whom would you visit?”

Isn’t that an interesting question, and I pose it to you – who would you visit?


10 thoughts on “Some more thisa and thatta

  1. I wrote a thank-you note and dropped a nice bottle of wine off for appliance company’s office gal. She pulled strings to get me what I needed and when. And when something was going to be delayed, she worked to get me a similar item to replace it. The granite company near us gets my repeated thank yous and continued business…plus recommendations. Same for Brian…our “guy.” I think it is important to send a giant thank you to all who performed their jobs spectacularly.

    As for the visit….I think I would choose my kitty, Grace. (can we choose dead people/pets??) I miss her every stinkin’ day. If it was a person, I would choose my old co-worker, Don. He was a my buddy at work, in spite of the warnings from all the other people to just ignore him. He was supposedly grumpy. I guess we were two of a kind. I sobbed when he died.

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    1. I’m so with you on the “Thank You” issue – I do believe those are my two favorite words, or rather, my favorite phrase and I don’t think it can be used too much. I use it often, every day. And isn’t it nice, now that I think about it, that I have REASONS every day to say ‘Thank you’.

      In the book the road trip was to living people, but yes, I think choosing those who have passed on is a very legitimate choice, and just as interesting a question to pose.


  2. I took care of my upholstered furniture by swapping it for leather so that I could wipe it down. So of course the first thing Lola did was jump up and skid to a stop with all claws out 😦 😦 I put big thick towels over the arms after that and when they get a bit furry I take them outside to shake before throwing them in the wash.
    If I could connect with someone from my past I think I’d choose the girl I was friends with in primary and high school. Haven’t got a clue where she is or what she’s been doing since 1967.

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  3. I hope you got that call back about fixing the shower door.
    Trying to decide who I would reunite with from the past is a toughie. If we’re talking dead or alive I would choose my dad and my aunt Mary. If we’re talking only people who are still alive I would choose and old neighborhood friend. We’ve connected on Facebook but it would be nice to get together and hang out for a while

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    1. Shower door problem all fixed as of 10am Saturday. Does your old neighborhood friend live close enough to arrange a meet-up, or is that stupid question because if it was possible you would have done it already.


  4. I’m glad the bathroom is finished with the shower door now fixed. I still can’t get over it was done so quickly! If I could reunite with those from my past it’d be Sadie and my Grandma Bessie. I’d give anything to see them both again.

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    1. It was a very easy reno – if it had taken them more than 4 or 5 days I would have been surprised. They took out the old tub, that was hard because they had to break it in half to get it out of the tiny room. Then it was just take down the tile on the 3 walls surrounding the tub, do a little plumbing work, then re-tile the surround, tile the shower floor, install the shower head and then install the doors – the demo took about 1/2 a day and they also did the plumbing, 2nd day they put in the new walls, tiled and put in the shower head and started the shower floor, 3rd day they tiled the shower floor and did all the grout and caulking, 4th day they did the doors and finishing work. Also 4th day they put in the countertop which just involved securing it to a frame Chavo had built, and faucet, re-hung the mirror and installed the shelf – there is no vanity. The problem with the shower doors was funny, Chavo put the handles on wrong so the doors were not sliding in the right directions. They were here on Saturday morning bright and early and re-did them!

      And who would you like to visit, who has had an impact on your life, who is still alive? In the book the road trip was to visit people in the narrator’s past who had had a big impact on his life.


      1. All of our tile work was done one step per day which is why it took so long. He wanted everything to dry in between. Frustrating. For someone who’s had an impact on my life and is still alive, you. I’d love to visit you and I really do hope I get a chance to one day!

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        1. You are too sweet, and yes, wouldn’t that be lovely to meet 💜

          There was 24 hours between each tiling step – it just isn’t a lot of work – the wall tiles are very large and the floor tiles are small and come in large squares. A few hours work at best. Putting in the concrete base took the longest time I think…


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