No obligation Mondays

Despite the fact that I clean every day and vacuum every day, on Sunday morning we do a coordinated major cleaning. I dust, wash floors, and do the daily everyday cleaning all in one fell swoop and my husband does a deep vacuum cleaning – moves the furniture etc and that can take him an hour – our apartment is only 1116 square feet.

I used to get up super early on Monday morning to do laundry (I don’t have my own washer/dryer. We have two community laundry rooms on every floor) but now I have found that Sunday afternoons the laundry rooms are pretty much empty so since I am doing chores almost all day Sunday I figured that I might as well do laundry too and then be able to sleep later on Monday morning if I wanted to.

Which leaves Monday with no obligations, aside from the daily cooking, cleaning, bed fluffing.  No additional chores. I’ve been on this new schedule for about a month now and I’m still getting used to having a free day.

Anxiety levels have been high for the past week, what with the bath reno which seems to have not gone as smoothly as the kitchen reno 2 months ago. It was a very simple job that has had some minor screw-ups. Plus all the pissant amounts of money I have spent trying to adapt the new bathroom to our use, and they have mounted to a considerable amount of money as each adaption did or didn’t work out and another had to be found – so $12.99 here and $14.95 there piled up and piled up.

Why weren’t all these adaptations addressed by the reno company? Because they are out of the reno’s control. This is an old building and there is only so much they can do given the infrastructure. They can’t move the plumbing or the walls. I had a niche put in to hold soap, shampoo etc, instead of those corner shelf thingies that stick out into the shower space, unfortunately the niche could be no deeper than 2.5 inches – not deep enough for a conventional soap dish, which I had already bought. So adapt – I bought 2 different ‘stick on’ soap dishes. Then my body wash bottle didn’t fit either so I bought small flip top plastic bottles to transfer the body wash into – that’s fine except I only needed one and they only come in multi-packs and while not super expensive I would have preferred to buy just one. Who knows there is probably a store where I could have bought just one but I have no access to brick-and-mortar stores. The list goes on – bought things I thought I needed and/or would work and then they didn’t. Again, pissant amounts of money but…

And then – getting old is not for sissies – the kitchen and bathroom reno were in service to our diminishing physical abilities – most especially the bathroom. Both my husband and I have extreme balance issues and he has the added problem of hand tremors and numb hands and feet (yes, we know the diagnosis, no, there is no cure, yes, there is medication which helps only slightly, and yes, it is degenerative and will only get worse and worse, and no, it is NOT Parkinsons.)

Several incidences over the past months led us to rearranging the furniture in the main living area to better accommodate his needs. Quite frankly I think the living area now looks like crap but I am trying to make it work which meant more damn shopping for more adaptive doo-dads right down to an extension cord so I could move the lamp. Once again, old building, not enough electrical outlets.

So here I am whining and whinging over first world problems. Thankfully we have the wherewithal to afford these adaptations. Truly, truly I am thankful for that. We’ve worked hard to accumulate that wherewithal, no one gave it to us, but again thankful that we could work and accumulate it.

So – a quiet Monday, with me counting my blessings.



10 thoughts on “No obligation Mondays

  1. You are the immaculate housekeeper I always wish I could be but am too lazy to become. LOL Sorry about the reno issues; trust me, I get it. In spades. Were you not able to return some of those objects that you bought but didn’t work out? Too bad if you couldn’t. 😦

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    1. Oh my dear I am so far from an immaculate housekeeper LOL I have to vacuum every day because – 2 cats who spread kitty litter all over the place. I tend to clean as I go along but dusting is a PITA and thankfully I don’t have a bunch of little crappy-daps that require it and for some reason this place doesn’t get very dusty so, you know, once a week is enough. And while I dust the baseboards every week they only get washed in bits and pieces and some pieces not at all. My home is not as clean as I would like it to be but good enough. No I couldn’t return what didn’t work because they were used and once used not returnable.


  2. I cleaned and vacuumed every day when I had babies crawling on the floors, these days I couldn’t care less. I clean when I feel like it, which isn’t often.
    I have a lack of electrical outlets too, in my kitchen. There is one outlet behind the fridge, and another halfway between stove and sink, but way over in the corner. And it’s the only one. I have the kettle and the microwave plugged into it. To use the toaster, I first have to get it out of the cupboard, get the small stool and climb on to it to reach the outlet, unplug the microwave, plug in the toaster, then reverse the whole process once I’m finished, because I know I’ll need the microwave in the morning for my porridge. Because of all this hoo-ha, I rarely eat toast anymore.
    Sorry to hear your bathroom reno isn’t going as planned.

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    1. I’ve lived in small apartments where the only outlet in the kitchen was the one the fridge was plugged into but those buildings were built before microwaves and other appliances and where counter space was nil. There are now building code laws in the US that stipulate how many outlets and their spacing. Again one of the problems in an old building is overloading the existing circuits. I now have the microwave and the toaster oven plugged into the same dual outlet and I have yet to try running both of them at the same time.


  3. I’ve become very lazy so even though there are chores that should be done on a daily/weekly basis I do them when I feel like. If the floor needs mopped and I don’t want to, it goes until I can’t stand to look at it any more. Then again as far as the floors go, if I mop as soon as Gibbs goes outside he’ll make paw prints all over the clean floor.

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    1. When I lived alone, which was most of my adult life, I lived in very small spaces so cleaning was quick and easy and I frequently washed walls and even the ceilings! Larger space requires more time and effort. How much and how often things get cleaned is personal, when I was younger I was a fanatic plus it was easy, now, not so much. But with 2 cats – oh yes, even if I only run the vacuum down the hallway, it HAS to be done every day.


  4. I get it. I vacuum every single day because we have 2 kitties, 2 litter boxes, a ranch home with wood floors, AND I don’t like walking on that stuff. So…I vacuum.

    I don’t think you are griping. Trying to accommodate your living quarters to your physical needs is an important thing. It’s a safety issue as well. You spend so much time living there, you have to have the physical space work well for you. It is maddening when it doesn’t. That is why we did our kitchen–it just wasn’t working for us and we could finally afford to do something about it.

    I clean on Thursday and Friday so that the house is nice for the weekend. I love a clean house!

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    1. I too love a clean house. Before I had the kitchen done no matter how much I scrubbed and scraped it always looked dirty because of the countertops and cabinets – it was disheartening. The bathroom thing is just a plain old safety issue! So is the rearranging of the living area. I’ve always been a ‘clean as I go’ person – so nothing ever gets too bad – it’s one reason I like the fact that G and I are now using the same bathroom – just one space to clean everyday with the hall bath getting a casual wipe down once a week (or less!) I’m getting too old to be fanatical but that doesn’t mean I can’t still have a clean house! (and anyone who lives on one level and has cats knows that some kind of floor cleaning HAS to be a daily occurance.)


  5. Cleaning is a chore I dislike immensely. I’m really good about clearing clutter most days but dusting? Uh, no. Vacuuming has to be done because of the animals but J takes care of that. With three levels in this house, I can’t drag that vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs. We have our living room set up to protect Lexi from getting hurt when she goes crazypants. Areas where she can run around are blocked. It also gives the cats a respite from her too even if it’s odd having a large kennel in the living room! My dad and his wife left this morning, J went back to work so I’m home alone. Lexi is finally sleeping and Angel is downstairs with me for the first time since my birthday! I’m very happy at this moment!

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    1. We have to adapt our homes to suit OUR needs not HGTV’s idea of how we should live! I hate dusting too but for some reason this place does get all that dusty (oh miracles of miracles!) I think if I had a 3 level house I would need a vacuum on each floor!! I use the cordless vac every day and G uses the monster vac once a week. What nice news that Angel is coming downstairs, Lexi won’t be a puppy forever…


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