Tawkin and blinkin’

I decided to do a vlog today. I used an effect called colored pencil to disguise myself. I’m blinking because my eyes are irritated and scratchy due to lack of sleep. Tuesday night I didn’t get to sleep until Wednesday night – so like I was awake from Tuesday morning until Wednesday night. I’m also lisping and drooling because of these super expensive dentures that will never be right because my mouth/gums/jaw are peculiar…So pardon the blinking, the drooling and the lisping…


15 thoughts on “Tawkin and blinkin’

  1. Oh how I love to hear you tawk! It’s fun to hear you tawk about what’s going on in your neck of the woods! I could listen to you all day. You describe things so well I can picture it. I would love to see a pic of the beautiful tree though. Let us know if you end up going to the party! There was free food at J’s office Christmas party but in that situation, with everyone being in management and it being at the country club, it was like people were afraid to eat too much so there was a lot of food left over. They did drink lots of wine though! Now for the office parties that include his minions, they are bottomless pits when it comes to free food! In fact, they’ll only go to parties where there’s free food even though they’re on the clock so get paid to attend!

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    1. I need to learn to tawk slower and there is such an echo in my office LOL Plus the lisp and drool…I hope the wine at the country club was better than the wine they will be serving at the condo party – I’m not 19, I don’t drink cheap wine! Well, actually I don’t drink any adult beverages anymore, I miss adult beverages…I never went to office parties, I mean, geeze, you spend all day, every day with these folks, my free time is MINE!. (Yeah, I know, grumpy, grouchy, anti-social me…)


      1. You tawk just fine, no need to slow down! We can understand you perfectly! The wine at the country club was pretty fancy although we didn’t drink any. I very much wanted to go to his office party because I wanted to wear my little black dress! Last time we went I thought I would be an embarrassment to J but this time I knew I looked amazing because I felt amazing. 🙂

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        1. I sincerely doubt you have ever been, or ever could be, an embarrassment to J! And yes, you did look fab in your little black dress, and now that you are more pleased with yourself maybe you can start wearing bright beautiful colors to match your bright beautiful self 💜


  2. i agree with you on office parties. when i started with the State, all newbies had to put on the office christmas party. so…being one of the 4 newbies, i had to help put on and show up at the party. i went out and with my own $$ bought little $1 “prizes/gifts” at the dollar store for all those in the office, aprox 60. since we were to play games, i was to use the prizes to the winners. they were nothing fancy, just something for fun. they were also in gift bags and each winner had to pick, you could only pick once for not everyone would win. but i made sure that everyone who wanted a gift, got one. the hit gift was the solar powered toy. something on it would move, like the head if an animal/person, or leaves if a plant. i dressed up to look like santa and handed out the gifts. it was an all day event. since then, each year i took the party day off. people bitched about the prizes and some ended up in the boxes we had in the office to collect items for the “poor” only 2 people knew i spent my own $$. most of the people in the office would complain they had little $$ to spare since they were “state workers” lets just say, im glad i am no longer in that environment.

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    1. I was fast asleep when you posted your comment. The new mattress is a wonder of comfort but sometimes my natural nocturnalism kicks in. I was wide awake and it wasn’t just that my brain wouldn’t stop spinning or that G was snoring and snorting – I was just AWAKE. (The person I see in the mirror looks pretty ok, sometimes even better than ok but the person I see on camera – OMG – NO!

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  3. Grace, you look & sound exactly like I pictured you to look & sound. Mah-ve-luss, dahling…. just mah-ve-luss! 🙂 This vlog was wonderful. Please make another one again soon. PS~ I thought I was the only one on the planet to sleep like crap. So glad to know I’m not alone in pulling 40 hour days/nights…. but sorry to hear you’re having problems too.

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    1. Thanks 😁I am by nature nocturnal so sleeping was always a problem unless I could function on my own time, and there has been the problem of my husband’s snoring and snorting, and a crummy mattress and of course the ever beloved ping-pong brain BUT since we got the new mattress I have been sleeping well – when I get to sleep. On another note: Did you try ipiccy.com yet?


  4. Your search for Post raisin bran reminded me of Wade. He was very brand specific on a lot of items. Me, I can eat anything.
    Parties with lots of free food are ok but I’m not much of a party person and if I’m stuck in a room of people I don’t really know, I would rather be at home in pajamas.

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    1. It’s just that Post Raisin bran has MORE raisins than other brands! But yes, I can be very brand specific on some items – only Cento canned tomatoes because there are no additives, no extra salt, just tomatoes – I love that. Ingredient list on the side of the can – one item. Oddly enough many house brands are manufactured by national brands just with a different label and they are usually less expensive than that item with the label of the national brand – which I find amusing – pay more because it says “National Brand”? I buy a lot of house branded items – if it is good quality what do I care what it’s called. That said – Raisin Bran MUST be Post LOL


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