Still bouncing along

Perhaps not bouncing exactly. Last night my back went south in a most interesting way, which for some reason I found hilarious. I had been sitting at the dining table reading and when I stood up I couldn’t move my legs. It was funny. My brain was telling my legs to move and my legs weren’t listening. My left foot was slightly crossed over and to the front of my right foot and I couldn’t move! I just stood there and laughed. I kept trying to move my legs and couldn’t do it. I finally got my feet parallel and pointing forward but I still couldn’t move, couldn’t walk. Some more giggling. I do not know why this struck me as funny but it did. Which just goes to show that no matter how bad your day is going there is always something to laugh at.

Other than that – nothing going on in my world. I’ve been very good this year about not saying anything negative about the season or folks who decorate. I don’t ‘decorate’ for any reason or season but I often admire other’s efforts.

Lin does this whole mini village thing  under her tree and it is always a treat because she does it with a sense of humor. She has a pope figurine and we ‘Lin’s Christmas Village’ fans look forward to seeing what the pope has got up to each year.  She has promised some new additions this year including a Sister Jean figure a friend sent her (Lin is from Chicago and her daughter graduated from Loyola.) Unfortunately I can’t link to her blog and share the fun because her blog is invitation only.

I thought Ann had a nifty decorating idea, instead of stringing lights on the outside of her house she uses flood light projectors to do the job – so much safer than climbing on roofs and so fun – at least I think so.

The sun is actually shining today – it’s been raining for 3 days. Actually it has been raining for a year. So far this year we have had 64.22 inches of rain – the rainiest year ever since they began keeping records. The previous record was in 1889 with 61.33 inches of rain in a year. And it’s not over – more rain coming at the end of this week.  Considering that I live 6 miles from the White House, a year of seemingly constant rain and dreary days is just adding insult to injury.

11 thoughts on “Still bouncing along

  1. I think the not being able to move my legs would have freaked me out a bit. Unless of course it’s something that has happened before and you’re used to it.
    I can’t wait to see Lin’s village. Love seeing it each year

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    1. It was weird – like the connection between my brain and my legs got disconnected. It wasn’t the same as being paralyzed from the waist down, as has happened in the past, accompanied by excruciating pain. This was a moderate amount of pain but couldn’t move my legs. Struck me as funny for some reason.


  2. I hope by now your legs have remembered what they are supposed to do. I have trouble with leg stiffness after sitting too long, but they’ve never just quit on me.
    I don’t decorate outside either and not very much inside anymore. I have a tiny felt tree about 5 inches tall and a Mr&Mrs snowman pair about the same size and that’s all I’ve got out this year. Oh, and a snow globe with Santa inside.

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    1. I do like Ann’s solution for decorating the outside of her house. I don’t have any decorations other than my Charlie Brown Christmas tree and a small jingle bell wreath on the inside of my front door. Aside from the fact that I don’t do Christmas I have no place to put little tchotkes – plus I dislike like little tchotkes LOL


  3. I hope you’re not having any more trouble with the communication to your legs! I frequently have problems with my brain saying one thing and my mouth saying another but I don’t think that’s the same. Lol We have no Christmas decorations inside but I do have a Santa I made and a wreath out on the front deck. I’m missing having a tree and feeling Christmasy but I suppose it’s better than yelling at Lexi to ‘leave it’ all the time.

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