Trying to find something fun and funny

and I got nuthin’. Scrolling through my Vimeo account for a fun little movie and – Bingo! Found one. It’s from 2012 and the quality is crap ’cause I probably had a crap camera, this is also my old ugly kitchen, Sharla can have fun laughing at my New Yawk accent and then there is a cat involved. So how can this not be fun? Make sure your speakers are on…

22 thoughts on “Trying to find something fun and funny

    1. Annoyed is Miss Frankie Lulu Belle’s normal state! Over the years people have commented that she always looks grumpy, she has mastered the art of the resting bitch face MOL


  1. LOL, My first laugh of the day. Not only totally ignoring your order to get down but she threw the meow in there a couple times to tell you just what she thought of it

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    1. Frankie can be very obvious when ignoring me. She will look me straight in the face then turn her head away and poke her chin in the air and give out a harumph meow. Having a conversation with her is fun tho – sometimes I actually know what she is saying.


  2. Miss Frankie Lulu Belle did not want to get down! Her tail was stating that very clearly! LOL! She’s got such a personality. I loved hearing you tawk and hearing her tawk back! Made me smile!

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  3. I’m lucky neither of my cats ever got up onto the counter, there’s just not enough room up there, things would have been crashing down. Both were spry enough to jump up, Angel just never did, and now I have Lola who just doesn’t bother.


  4. I love when Frankie starts tawking back! Sweet meow, adorable, but cats on the kitchen counter is a big no-no! Our neighbor’s cat comes over here and has been known to jump on the counter if we take our eyes off him for a second. He’s not young, but he has no trouble at all jumping straight up from the floor to the narrow edge in front of the sink, all in the blink of an eye. To him, a pan soaking in the sink is a delicious pot of soup!

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