Some simple things

Make me happy and some other stuff doesn’t thrill my soul but I’m getting used to it.

We switched, some months ago, from the one-cup, k-cup beverage system back to the old Mr. Coffee-type drip beverage system. The upside is the saving of money, and for all the green-eco freaks, no more unrecyclable used k-cups. Also up-side, better tasting coffee. Still – coffee upsets my stomach. I’m drinking a medium roast now and I may switch to a light roast. “So why drink coffee at all?”, you ask. Because I like the taste of coffee.

Therefore, I now only drink coffee in the morning, the rest of the day I drink tea. Now that I no longer use honey (too much sugar, too many calories and honey just isn’t that good for you) my tea of choice has become herbal fruit teas. My stash is running really low but !oh joy! My supermarket just had a sale on Celestial Seasonings teas. A 20-count box at $2 each – that’s 10¢ a bag. Score! I bought six boxes of tea – all different fruit flavors. Now when I make a cup of tea, I pull out my tray of teas – and smile at my lovely collection – the big question being which flavor do I try now. I’m a simple person, simple things make me happy.

Now – what is not thrilling my soul. I decided to re-arrange the ‘living room’ furniture to accommodate my husband’s very shaky left hand.  I had to arrange the furniture so I could put a side table on his right side. I put living room in quotes because we don’t actually have one. We do have one very large room that is somewhat L-shaped. We have always had all the furniture flush to the wall which left the center of the room open. I’ve always had furniture arranged this way because I like open space, so I just shove everything against the walls and there you go. (And no I have never ever had a coffee table. Narrow side tables that you don’t stub your toe on or bark your shins on is my preference.)

This is how the ‘living room’ looks now –

All of that stuff used to be in a straight line, flush to the wall, except my husband’s honking big recliner, that used to be between his desks and the sofa, angled into the room. (Opposite the recliner is a short wall which is where the television is. And no, the television can’t be relocated because – it’s a long story, trust me you don’t want to sit through the explanation.)

And while this configuration doesn’t thrill my soul, I’m getting used to it. Would I rather everything be in a nice straight line along the wall, the way it used to be? Yes, I would but – you do what you gotta do.

As for the big empty space on the wall? I’ve got plans for that – should be fun, stayed tuned.

15 thoughts on “Some simple things

    1. I think perhaps it is make your space suit your needs? This getting old stuff is a PITA – All the changes/adaptations/renovations are in service to our diminished physical capabilities – making our space safer and easier to maneuver in- well, easier for my husband, anyway LOL

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    1. Richard, you delightful, charming man, that is a lovely offer but I just googled Yorkshire Tea and I can get it on Amazon here in the USA – I shall absolutely try it because I do like black tea. {{Huggiez}}

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  1. Grace, I used to have the same problem as you with coffee….. for years and years and…… YEARS! The dumb stuff used to give me horrible heartburn amongst many other things. Then I happened to stumble across “Good Earth” brand coffee… whole bean, organic, low acidity, light, 100% Arabica. I have always heard that if you eat/drink nothing else “organic”, that you should drink at least organic coffee. Coffee beans have a very long growing time in a very hot climate… so the crops have to be sprayed with pesticides many times before harvest. So perhaps you have an allergy of sorts to the pesticides too, ya know? Anyway, here’s a link (no affiliation with me) for the coffee I use. Perhaps you can try it too and maybe it will help you.

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    1. Actually the medium roast I am currently drinking is organic, not that I went looking for organic coffee, it just is. This problem started just a few years ago, so, just a matter of aging, a lot of things that I easily digested before are now are off my menu because they upset my stomach, like onions – no onions for me anymore!


      1. This “Good Earth” brand is the first coffee I’ve been able to drink without heartburn, etc. It never ceases to amaze me that all these years I could never drink any brand of coffee without “paying the consequences” for it…. but now I can. Please do try it, Grace…. I’m thinking maybe it might help you too. Yes, aging sure brings with it some issues, doesn’t it. I wish it would just keep those issues to itself!


  2. Are you sure it’s not the caffeine? I mean, I can drink caffeine in tea and it doesn’t bother me, but in coffee it does..?

    I’m having diminished digestion issues as I age too. I can eat onions, but not in the quantities I used to.

    Sorry you had to lose your preference re furniture arrangement. But I disagree about coffee tables; they are great for propping up the legs/feet!

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    1. Yup, is is probably the caffeine (I just googled it LOL), I think the next time I order coffee I will try a light roast, less acid and see if that works, otherwise, well, I just drink those 2 cups in the morning which don’t seem to bother me much. As for coffee tables, people do say that’s why they have them LOL Personally I am not a foot/leg propper-upper, never have been, which is probably why I don’t care for recliners either.


  3. Thankfully I don’t have a problem with coffee other than I drink too much of it. I do like tea as well and picked up some tea bags in the dollar store that are apple cranberry. Probably a seasonal flavor but I really liked it.

    As for furniture arranging. I have a very small house with limited options. I have a coffee table but it’s a monster and I want to get rid of it

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    1. I just had a cup of cinnamon apple and whoa-boy was that sharp tasting. I may put that box in the back of the cabinet, not loving it at all! We have a small apartment with only one place to put the tv (because of the cable connection) and a limited number of wall outlets so however limited you think your space is, I bet I got you beat on that one!


  4. Even though you lost your preferential furniture arrangement, it looks pretty functional now. Is he able to use the desk as a side table or is there not enough room still to have everything against the wall? Are you still able to watch TV without getting a crick in your neck even though the sofa is now sideways instead of straight on? I’m curious to see what goes on the wall space in the middle! I’m a feet putter upper so I need a coffee table.

    I love herbal fruit teas and have quite a big stash of them! I have a whole drawer full plus half a shelf in the pantry. They make me happy! I bought several boxes tea while in Maui and when I drink it, the smell and taste reminds me of being there. I have enough tea to have a different flavor every day of the month!

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    1. At first I thought “Goodness, 30 different tea flavors, how could that be?” and then I realized that it easily could be. I tend toward the berry and citrus flavors myself. I bought a cinnamon-apple-spice that is actually quite, um, sharp. I think I’ll be putting that one in the back of the closet! Rather unpleasant it was.


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