The fun thing I had planned for the empty wall space.

See it? It is called a collage frame. The brand is Umbra and I could only find it at Bed, Bath and Beyond. The photos attach with tiny clips and you can arrange the photos however you like. It came with 12 clips and a mounting thingy which would have required us to make a big hole in the wall. We declined to do that and used a regular picture frame hook. Not as attractive as the mounting piece they provided but easier.

I printed out some of my favorite photos as well as putting up the photo card of the Baby Princess. So we got 3 Baby Princess pics, 2 pics of my husband with each of the cats and my favorite photo of me, when I was 6, smack dab in the middle there. I actually have the original of the photo of me but it is larger.

The fun thing is that it is easy peasy to change the photos at will or whim and whimsy. You can clip just about anything you want up there. There are all shapes and sizes of these collage frames, available from many sources, I just fell for this particular one. Of course you crafty folks could probably make one.

10 thoughts on “The fun thing I had planned for the empty wall space.

    1. There are so many versions of this sort of frame – some are quite large, too big for what I wanted. Most are ‘clothes-line’ type thingies. I printed off some photos but for the next go around I may go through the photo albums, you know from back in the day before digital cameras, when you took your film (film!) to the pharmacy or the candy store, to get the film developed.

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  1. I love that picture frame, Grace, and as you said it would be so easy to exchange pictures. That picture of you in the middle is precious…. but knowing your childhood as you’ve expressed, I can see the pain in the eyes of that little girl too. I’m so glad all that junk is behind you…. and only the beautiful little girl with the big bow remains.

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  2. What a clever way to hang pictures! Love the pics you used too! I haven’t seen anything like that and was looking for something to put photos on so ended up with a magnetic board from Hobby Lobby. It’ll serve the purpose but it’s not as nice looking at what you got. By the way, Baby Princess is absolutely adorable!

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    1. Should you decide to replace that magnetic board search for ‘collage picture frames’ or ‘photo clip frame’ – there are gazillions of them. And yes, the Baby Princess is totally gorgeous!


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