Well, duh!

It’s been raining here for over a year. Seriously. 2018 was the rainiest year in the DMV since 1889! This year, 2019, we did actually go 3 days without rain – people were jokingly calling it a drought. Saturday was dribbly, dank, windy but !oho! around 4 in the afternoon the sun became visible. Yesterday (Sunday) the day actually dawned, as in, the sun came up and could be seen, and felt. It was a flip-flopping beautiful day – mild and sunny. I decided that after all the major housework was done I would go for a walk. I asked my husband if he wanted anything from the store because I hate walking aimlessly and after 6 years of walking in circles I was bored and needed a REASON to get out there. He decided that maybe there might be something he wanted.

Now Harris Teeter is nine-tenths of a mile from my home. I’ve walked it many times, the last time being on Tuesday. When I got back that day my back, legs and hip were killing me. The next day I was in major pain. So my husband reminded me, as I headed out, to walk slow “because you know how bad your back was last time.” Off I went. Beautiful day and by the time I got to the store, oh yeah!, pain. I wandered around the store looking for what he wanted – side to side, back to front, round and round. As I was meandering around the store the pain went away. I was bouncing along like a 100% healthy person.

Checked out of the store, started walking home, it wasn’t 2 blocks when the pain kicked in. Three-quarters of the way home I was hanging on to telephone poles. And then the light dawned. Well duh, Grace – how dim can you be? You see I realized that the pain only rears its ugly head when I’m walking on concrete. But of course!

While the store doesn’t have cushioned floors, still they aren’t as hard as concrete. I walk around the apartment all day; I walk around inside my apartment building – no problems, no pain. But walking outside, on concrete – hoo-boy! And yes, yes I have my expensive, super padded/cushiony running shoes but even they aren’t enough to negate the impact of that hard unforgiving concrete. I don’t know how I never made this connection before. I mean, Duh, Grace – what a dummy.

That realization only helps in that now I know. There’s nothing I can do about it because the only place to walk is concrete sidewalks – I live in a city (more or less) for pete’s sake. Walking anywhere is always going to involve concrete sidewalks. Then again, it’s nice to know that if I ever wanted to go to say a mall, I could probably walk around all day pain free. Of course there aren’t any malls near me – but, you know, if I did go to one…

Lately I have noticed that someone has planted these itty-bitty rose bushes all over the neighborhood. All of the ‘communities’ here must use the same landscaping service. And all these itty-bitty rose bushes are still blooming with itty-bitty roses…

7 thoughts on “Well, duh!

  1. Yes, the light bulb does go off in our brain once in awhile, doesn’t it. I’m right there with ya, sista!!

    And concrete gets to my knees & back too. Luckily I don’t come in contact with the dreaded stuff too often.


    1. And it’s a wonder that you don’t have ankle, knee and hip problems (or maybe you do). It’s an unforgiving surface. I don’t know how, or why, recreational runners do that to themselves – except of course in urban areas that’s the only surface available.


  2. Your walking speed might have something to do with it also. Walking on concrete vs. meandering around the store makes a difference. I know when I’m walking to the shop and the pain hits, all I have to do is stop moving for about a minute, then take off a bit more slowly.


    1. My walking speed is slow and measured, not the least because I have balance issues. I have actually been known to hop, skip, jump and even run a bit in indoor environments with no ill effects.


  3. Pretty little rose bush!

    That completely makes sense that the concrete is harder on your body than other surfaces but I can see how the connection wasn’t apparent at first. I wish you had other surfaces you could walk on to get where you need to go to but cities are made of concrete these days. Hope you’re feeling better today!

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    1. It’s amazing they are still blooming because no one deadheads them. I know there was a part of my brain processing that walking on concrete was causing me problems, hell it causes problems for healthy people, but Sunday it just popped into my head like a neon sign!


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