Miscellaneous Mishegoss #9174.832

clipart11037An upsides/downsides: Our condo fees are considered to be quite high by some folks, mostly folks who have not lived in the real world of paying for utilities. Our condo fees include ALL utilities (you can even get free tv if you connect to the antenna on the rooftop).  So the downside to that is we can’t have in-unit washers/dryers, and you can’t save money by turning off lights, not using heat or a/c or limiting your water usage with 5 minute showers.

You pay your condo fee and get the upside: Endless hot water. Want to take a 1/2 hour shower? Go right ahead, the hot water won’t run out and you already paid for it. Jack the a/c to arctic? Make yourself into a human popsicle, you already paid for it. Same for heat – want to turn your apartment into a sauna? Nobody will stop you. And you can leave every light in your apartment burning 24/7 – you already paid for it.

I suppose you could say that if all the occupants actually did use utilities conservatively the condo utility bills would go down and so would our condo fees – but you would be wrong because the the utility bills are almost the smallest line item on the condo budget. But those same utility bills for a single family house, or even an apartment are a big item on the month budget.

clipart11037I joined, once again, Medium.com, primarily so I could stalk follow my niece. She fancies herself a writer, and she isn’t half bad. It’s where I saw her piece on her grandmother (my mother). I don’t ‘follow’ her because I don’t want her snooping in my life, as I snoop in hers. Ok, double standard, sue me. But I do read her daily pieces. And other articles written by women her age, youngsters all (and considering people in their 40’s ‘youngsters’ just speaks to my advanced age) and I think to myself “Snowflakes!”  And I laugh. Just as people older than I might read what I write about and think the same of me. Nothing changes but it stays the same.

clipart11037The cats are all at sixes and sevens today. Kinda wandering around the apartment looking a little unsettled. I think it may be the change in the weather, snow showers are predicted for this afternoon. Snow was already predicted for this weekend – probably not much but any snow is too much as far as I’m concerned. This afternoon’s threatened precipitation is an add-on. The day started out nice enough but as I look out my window I can see that we are indeed setting up for some kind of weather event this afternoon. Plus – whooshies – we got us some whipping winds.

clipart11037I also noticed that the holly trees are heavy with berries and if that continues through the Winter into the Spring then maybe those damn cedar wax-wings will be back. I hate those damn birds because they chase all the other birds away, scarf all the berries and then take off for parts unknown leaving all my other birds without a thing to eat.  After the cedar wax-wings left last Spring my bird population was never the same and I miss my birds. Death to all cedar wax-wings, may they rot in hell!

6 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Mishegoss #9174.832

  1. My daughter lives in a small apartment that has the utilities included. They would like a bigger place but would end up paying the same amount of rent if not more AND addiing on utilities. I’m pretty sure her boyfriend in not capable of being conservative when it comes to heat, ac, electric and water.

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    1. With the exception of my very first apartment I have always paid utilities so I’ve always been conservative with heat/ac and electric but water has been my downfall. I use too much but when you have 40 or 60 gallon water tank you do tend to take quick showers especially if there is more than one person in line. I’m still conservative with heat/ac/lights blazing but man oh man do I love my 1/2 hour showers!


  2. It’d be nice to not have to worry about those bills based on usage. I’ve never lived in an apartment so haven’t experienced that before. I certainly wouldn’t sitting here with frozen fingers!

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    1. G and I fight over the a/c – I only turn it on when absolutely necessary, I hate a/c! And we don’t use a lot of heat either. The way our bedroom is situated, it stays warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer so I almost always have a window open in the master bedroom and rarely turn the heat on there. But – I am a long shower taker LOL And so thankful for that!


  3. I’ve always had to pay utilities and make sure they’re included in my budget with a certain amount set aside each payday. It seems like a nice idea to have them included in condo fees, instead of pay by usage, but I think I’d prefer my way, ten at least I know if the bill is too high I can cut back on something and make a difference.

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    1. There is that – conservation for economic and environmental reasons but when utilities are included, well then you know what your monthly costs are going in and can budget accordingly and there are no surprises. We don’t use a lot of heat or a/c but we do use a lot of water, we are quite spoiled by never-ending hot water, I must admit. That said I would prefer to pay my own utilities, if only to have my own washer/dryer! (Of course a tankless water heater would give me endless hot water and I bet I would be unpleasantly surprised at my first water bill LOL)


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